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[...] science communication is embedded in the inter- and transdisciplinary teams doing science in a socially responsible way. Interactions within these teams doing and communicating science are multi-way, multi-actor, multi-level and multi-staged.

Éva Kalmár and Hanneke H. Stenfert, 2020

Limits of Science Communication – ­ Panel Discussion | 10 May 2022

Jan Esper, Michael Sigl, Ulf Büntgen, Anna Guðjónsdóttir and Dominik Fleitmann (f.l.t.r.) during the panel discussion

Communicating Research

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Contact at ZiF

Manuela Lenzen

Rebecca Moltmann

Science Communication at ZiF

An important part of conducting excellent research is to communicate its processes, findings, conditions, and challenges.

Our approach to science communication is to utilize multifaceted ways and channels of communication to show the variety and diversity of research projects at ZiF. There are established forms of public relations like press releases or newspaper articles, on-site or hybrid lectures and panel discussions, or newer media channels and formats like Twitter, YouTube, a blog, or a podcast and a magazine (both in preparation).

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