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Funding Formats

As Bielefeld University's Institute for Advanced Study, ZiF supports interdisciplinary and innovative research projects. ZiF is an independent, thematically open research institution, open to scholars and scientists of all countries and all disciplines.

You can find information on all of our funding opportunities, ranging from the main format "Research in Groups", to the postdoc network "Das Junge ZiF" and the Workshop format, on the subsequent pages.

Plenary hall
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Funding Opportunities

Research in Groups
A conference room photographed through the window
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ZiF's central funding format is open to scholars from all disciplines post-PhD, based in Germany and abroad. We encourage the respective members of the international scientific communities to propose a research project to be conducted with a curated group of (preferably) international colleagues. If their collaborative application is successful, ZiF will host the group on its campus, offering ideal working conditions. We offer three group formats: Visiting, Resident and Long-Term Groups.

Learn more about the formats and the criteria for applying.

The "Workshop" format provides a funding opportunity for any kind of academic event, ranging from smaller gatherings that encourage intensive exchange (e.g. colloquia) to larger meetings (e.g. conferences) that discuss topics and questions in a broader interdisciplinary framework.

Duration: up to 14 days

Funding Amount: up to 15,000 EUR

Application Process and Conditions

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Group picture of "Das Junge ZiF" members, standing in front of a window, autumnal tree in the background
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"Das Junge ZiF"

"Das Junge ZiF" is ZiF's postdoc network dating back to 2002. Outstanding early career researchers are given a platform to practise and advance interdisciplinary discourse in the form of three meetings a year and the opportunity to carry out an interdisciplinary workshop at ZiF.


Detailed information

  • A little piece of an artwork by Friederike Feldmann, orange colour on a ZiF wall
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    Art and Science

    In addition to its scientific endeavours and focus, ZiF promotes artistic perspectives and interventions and organises art exhibitions as well as performances on its premises. The goal of this line of funding is to intensify the dialogue between science and the arts.

    On the recommendation of the Art Committee, ZiF invites artists to organise an exhibition or live and work at ZiF for three months as Artists in Residence (AiR). AiR are expected to connect with research groups and can initiate discourses themselves.

    We are grateful that the Universitätsgesellschaft Bielefeld supports these efforts.

    Art and Science
  • Group picture from a Summer School outside in ZiF's garden in front of trees
    Universität Bielefeld/P. Ottendörfer

    Summer School

    ZiF Summer Schools are intended to offer selected early career researchers (doctoral students and postdocs) new insights that are important to the future development of a research field. Summer Schools intensify contacts among leading experts and early career researchers and serve to create international and interdisciplinary networks. ZiF usually offers a slot for one Summer School per year in August or September. Only scholars from Bielefeld University can apply as convenors for this format.

    Duration: 8 to 14 days

    Funding Amount: up to EUR 15,000

    Application: Link to the Application Guidelines (PDF)

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    Universität Bielefeld

    External Events

    For academic purposes, it is possible for members of Bielefeld University to book the ZiF facilities for events not funded and organised by ZiF.

    For detailed information see our booking guidelines and the application form (both German).

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