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Art and Science

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Artist in Residence 2023

Erica Shires

Coordinator Art at ZiF

Daniela Noll-Opitz
+49 521 106-12837

Art and Science

In addition to its scientific endeavours and focus, ZiF promotes artistic perspectives and interventions and organises art exhibitions as well as performances on its premises. The goal of this line of funding is to intensify the dialogue between Science and the Arts.

By confronting scientific perspectives with artistic ones – and vice versa – both parties are challenged to explore new ways of thinking, seeing or approaching phenomena and questions. If Art is perceived as a form of research itself, interdisciplinary exchange is already a crucial part of the two forms of funding ZiF offers:

Fellowships for Artists in Residence and Exhibitions at ZiF.
All artists are nominated only by ZiF's Art Committee; ZiF does not encourage self-initiative applications.

Artist in Residence

Friederike Feldmann's wall painting in the ZiF foyer
Universität Bielefeld/P. Ottendörfer

The specific idea behind the Artist in Residence (AiR) programme and the scholarship it entails is to intensify the dialogue between Science and the Arts. On the recommendation of the Art Committee, ZiF invites artists to live and work at ZiF for three months. They are expected to connect or work together with the fellows and guests of ZiF and can, furthermore, initiate discourses themselves. Subsequently to the fellowship, Artists in Residence develop a solo exhibition presenting the output of the residency.

One goal is to enrich research projects conducted at ZiF with an artist’s perspective – understood as a form of productive intervention.

All Artists in Residence


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