Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Human Dignity, Contingent Dignity, and Rank

Date: June 28 - 30, 2010

Organizers: Ralf Stoecker (Potsdam), Jan C. Joerden (Frankfurt (Oder)), Eric Hilgendorf (Würzburg), Felix Thiele (Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler)

In this international workshop, different concepts of human dignity and contingent dignity were presented and discussed. After the implementations of human dignity into supranational and national legal documents had been presented, the discussion focused on different justifications of human dignity. Those justifications vary in many aspects: some emphasize a strong relation between human dignity and human rights; others, however, focus to a greater extent on an inductive approach according to which human dignity can be described and explained best with recourse to situations of its violation. Crucial for a human dignity violation in this context seems to be humiliation.—Moreover, the workshop offered some PhD-students the opportunity to present their projects. The three-day event took place in an open and friendly atmosphere that encouraged a rich and engaging discussion among all participants.


Deryck Beyleveld (Durham), Virgínia Coelho Felippe dos Santos (Augsburg), Ole Döring (Bochum), Dorothee Dörr (Köln), Marcus Düwell (Utrecht), Liesbeth Feikema (Utrecht), Julia Glahn (Aachen), Daniel S. Goldberg (Greenville, NC), Christiane Gottschalk (Bielefeld), Altan Heper (Istanbul), Martina Herrmann (Dortmund), Erhard Kausch (Münster), Bettina Kremberg (Leipzig), Jens Kulenkampff (Erlangen), Georg Lohmann (Magdeburg), Julia Müller (Potsdam), Christian Neuhäuser (Bochum), Natalia Petrillo (Bielefeld), Arnd Pollmann (Magdeburg), Ute Raute-Kreinsen (Bielefeld), Michaela Rehm (Bielefeld), Jan-Ole Reichardt (Leipzig), Daniela Ringkamp (Paderborn), Markus Rothhaar (Erlangen), Peter Schaber (Zürich), Stefan Seiterle (Frankfurt (Oder)), Markus Stepanians (Aachen), Paul Tiedemann (Frankfurt am Main), Jan-Willem van der Rijt (Amsterdam), Wolfgang Vögele (Karlsruhe), Eva Weber-Guskar (Göttingen)

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