ZiF Workshops 2012

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January 4 - 7 Evolution of Disgust
Jason Clark (Osnabrück)
Febuary 10 - 11 Moral Compromise
Rüdiger Bittner (Bielefeld), Véronique Zanetti (Bielefeld)
Febuary 15 - 17 Web Epistemics - How the Web shapes what we believe and know, how we learn and what we are
Beat Bächi (Bielefeld), Philippe Blanchard (Bielefeld), Philipp Cimiano (Bielefeld), Santo Fortunato (Bielefeld)
March 22 - 23 Early Literacy under the Focus of Language and Cognitive Development
Katharina J. Rohlfing (Bielefeld), Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer (Tübingen), Jörg Meibauer (Mainz), Kerstin Nächtigeller (Bielefeld)
April 12 - 13 Giving Meaning to Interdisciplinarity in the Organization of Universities - A Symposium on the Occasion of Helmut Schelsky's 100th Birthday
Peter Weingart (Bielefeld), Britta Padberg (Bielefeld)
May 7 - 9 Robotik und Gesetzgebung
Eric Hilgendorf (Würzburg)
May 29 - June 2 How do you manage? Unravelling the situated practice of environmental management
Ingmar Lippert (Augsburg), Franz Krause (Gloucester, UK), Niklas Hartmann (Lancaster, UK)
May 30 - June 1 Science and the Public
Martin Carrier (Bielefeld), Peter Weingart (Bielefeld)
June 11 - 13 Philosophy of Science: The Social Relevance of Philosophy of Science
Martin Carrier (Bielefeld), Don Howard (Notre Dame)
June 14 - 16 Remembering in Context: Social, Cognitive, Linguistic and Material Aspects of Memory
Lucas M. Bietti (Essen/Amsterdam), Charles B. Stone (Louvain-La-Neuve), William Hirst (New York)
June 13 - 16 Bioeconomies of Reproduction - Historische und anthropologische Analysen eines Beziehungsgefüges 1750-2010
Axel Hüntelmann (Mainz), Michi Knecht (Berlin), Martina Schlünder (Berlin)
June 25 - 27 Explaining Health Inequalities: The Role of Space and Time
Ursula Berger (München), Nico Dragano (Essen), Andreas Mielck (Neuherberg), Sven Voigtländer (Bielefeld) und Oliver Razum (Bielefeld)
July 9 - 14 Nonlocal Operators: Analysis, Probability, Geometry and Applications
Moritz Kaßmann (Bielefeld), Rodrigo Banuelos (West Lafayette), Cyril Imbert (Paris), Grzegorz Karch (Wroclaw), Takashi Kumagai (Kyoto), József Lörinczi (Loughborough) and René Schilling (Dresden)
July 19 – 21 Alignment in Communication: Towards a New Theory of Communication
Ipke Wachsmuth (Bielefeld), Jan de Ruiter (Bielefeld)
August 1 - 3 Animal Social Networks: Perspectives and Challenges
Jens Krause (Berlin), Darren Croft (Exeter), Richard James (Bath)
August 9 - 11 The Effectiveness of Mathematization
Ann Johnson (Columbia, S.C.), Johannes Lenhard (Bielefeld)
August 27 - 29 Towards an interdisciplinary understanding of ecological novelty
Christoph Kueffer (Zürich)
September 3 - 7 Searchmethodologies III
Ferdinando Cicalese (Salerno), Christian Deppe (Bielefeld)
November 5 - 9 Collective motion in biological systems: from data to models
Andreas Deutsch (Dresden), Guy Théraulaz (Toulouse) und Tamas Vicsek (Budapest)
November 23 - 24 Empirical knowledge, common sense, and legal cognition
Péter Cserne (Budapest)
December 4 - 11 European Memory?
Gregor Feindt (Bonn), Félix Krawatzek (Oxford), Daniela Mehler (Jena), Friedemann Pestel (Freiburg i.Br.) and Rieke Schäfer (Hamburg)
December 14 - 15 In search of the ‘social’
European and global perspectives on the idea of the welfare state
Author’s colloquium with Franz-Xaver Kaufmann

Lutz Leisering (Bielefeld)

Important to convenors of ZiF Workshops:

In co-operation with the PR-office of Bielefeld University, the local as well as the national press is informed about ZiF Workshops. In order to be able to do so, the ZiF needs an intelligible one-page statement concerning topic and contents of the workshop at least two weeks in advance. If there are particular institutions or persons to be informed, or if a press conference should be organized, please contact the ZiF's Conference Office.

Contact persons for PR at the ZiF are Marion Kämper and Mary Kastner.