Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Fiction and its Use

Date: July 4 - 6, 2013

Convenors: Jens Eder (Mannheim, GER) und Benjamin Schnieder (Hamburg, GER)

The workshop concerned the role of fiction in everyday life and in science, aiming to specify and explore its function for understanding the world around us and its theoretical underpinnings, as researched in a variety of academic disciplines. To do so, the workshop assembled leading researchers working in literary and media studies, philosophy, psychology, economics, law, history, and the natural sciences. The workshop showed that in each discipline there is the potential as well as the need for taking on board insights from other fields. To this end, further meetings of participants are currently envisaged.


Remigius Bunia (Berlin, GER), Sabine Döring (Tübingen, GER), Christian Folde (Hamburg, GER), Melanie Green (Chapel Hill, USA), Tilmann Köppe (Göttingen, GER), Markus Kuhn (Hamburg, GER), Maria Kuper (Hamburg, GER), Uskali Mäki (Helsinki, FIN), Raymond A. Mar (Toronto, CAN), Mary S. Morgan (London, GBR), Claire Norton (Twickenham, GBR), Alexander Steinberg (Hamburg, GER), Kendall Walton (Ann Arbor, USA), Melanie Williams (Exeter, GBR)

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