ZiF Workshop

Video conference: Momentum of its own
Inherent Dynamism in Pre-Modern Societies

Date: 28 – 30 January 2021
Convenors: Franz-Josef Arlinghaus (Bielefeld, GER), Andreas Rüther (Bielefeld, GER), Jörg Quenzer (Hamburg, GER)

The core thesis is that the fundamental structures of pre-modern societies worldwide show elements which are themselves driving forces for a constant change of these societies. At the same time the kind of change is of a specifically pre-modern nature. This continuous restructuring, as is the second assumption, leads in tendency to precisely these structures becoming clearer. In other words: in a way, pre-modern society comes into its own only by the end of the period under observation (ca. 700 to ca. 1700), shortly before its – from this point of view – comparably rapid and surprising restructuring into a functionally differentiated modern age.

The workshop puts its emphasis on a) the discussion of the thesis with experts of various regions of the world from different countries, and b) to introduce our idea in international debates as well as c) to modify our concept base on the results of the workshop.

Conference Programme

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