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Stochastic Dynamics: Mathematical Theory and Applications

Convenors: Leonid Bogachev (Leeds, GBR), Benjamin Bolker (Hamilton, CAN), Yuri Kondratiev (Bielefeld, GER), Otso Ovaskainen (Helsinki, FIN)

Stochastic paradigm, recognizing the significant role of uncertainty in the behaviour of both natural and anthropogenic systems and processes, plays a fundamental role in research into complex dynamics of such systems. The principal objective of the Research Group (RG) is to promote and advance mathematical research in stochastic modelling of large complex systems and its applications in diverse topical areas, with a primary focus on ecology but also including molecular biology, mathematical physics, economics, and social sciences. Our RG will bring together many internationally renowned experts across the spectrum of stochastic modelling in the sciences.

There will also be a wide participation of younger researchers and postgraduate students who will have an opportunity to actively engage in cutting-edge research. This long-term programme will provide a platform to create an exciting research environment, to share expertise and to foster sustained cross-disciplinary collaborations. As a result, the RG is expected to deliver significant advances and conceptual breakthroughs at the interface of the sciences involved, and to have a strong, lasting impact.

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