Elinor Ostrom Fellowships

for partners of Research Group Fellows

Elionor Ostrom

With this new programme, the ZiF wants to provide a family-friendly option for fellows of confirmed Research Groups who stay on site for at least 5 months. Partners who are also researchers can apply for an individual fellowship under the same conditions. During their time at the ZiF, the accompanying partners have the opportunity to work on their individual research projects and to cooperate with colleagues from Bielefeld. In particular cases, cooperation with colleagues from other nearby universities is also possible. For this purpose, the fellows should have a "host" at the respective faculties or research institutions. If both parties are interested, they can also offer teaching there.

The Fellowship bears the name of the American political scientist and economist Elinor Ostrom (1933-2012), who accompanied her husband Vincent to the ZiF in 1987/88, when he was a fellow of the Research Group Game Theory in the Behavioural Sciences. According to her own statements, the later Nobel laureate received decisive impulses for her research during this time.

For further information please contact marc.schalenberg@uni-bielefeld.de.