Young Researchers

The Young ZiF

The ZiF supports and promotes innovative research projects; ideas and participation of young scholars are particularly welcome.

If you have a doctor's degree you may:
  • organize ZiF Workshops, ZiF Cooperation Groups and ZiF Research Groups. Cooperation groups could also serve as start-up funding for externally-funded projects.
  • participate in Research Groups and Cooperation Groups as a Fellow. In this case you have to adress a corresponding written application to the organizer of the particular Research Group.
  • become a Fellow of the Young ZiF. The Young ZiF is primarily concerned with the interdisciplinary discourse. The Fellows have the opportunity of organizing Workshops. Fellows are recruited by open application procedures.
If you have graduated or are still graduating:
If you are a student:
  • you may participate in all events organized at the ZiF (prior registration required). A newsletter, informing you about what’s going on at the ZiF, can be ordered here.