Public Panel Discussion (live and online)

Normalizing the Far Right: Law and Institutions

Date: 28 February 2023, 18:00

Günter Frankenberg (Goethe University Frankfurt/Main), Chair
Gábor Halmai (European University Institute, Florence)
Alon Harel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Kolja Möller (TU Dresden)

In recent years, the normalization of far-right ideas and practices has increasingly challenged modern democracies. The constantly growing electoral success of right-wing populist and extremist parties and politicians worldwide is a major factor that has contributed to this normalization. Countries governed by such parties and politicians are experiencing an extraordinary transformation of political discourse and political culture, and some of them are implementing aspects of right-wing extremist agendas and even amending laws and institutions accordingly. However, adopting antidemocratic ideas and concepts in law or shaping law institutions in an anti-democratic way are not restricted to authoritarian regimes but can occur within democracies. The panel will illuminate these mechanisms and discuss the gradual transition between democratic and authoritarian law measures and institutional arrangements that contribute to the normalization of the far right.

The panel discussion will also be streamed, prior registration is required:
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