The ZiF-Mitteilungen were discontinued with the 2021.2 issue. There will be a new ZiF print magazine, which is currently in the conception phase.

The ZiF-Mitteilungen, which appear semi-annually, report on the activities of the current Research Groups and Cooperation Groups as well as on the planning stage of those to be organized in the near future. Each issue also gives retrospective surveys of the Workshops held during the last four months as well as a list of participants and the program. The calendar of upcoming events informs about workshops, art exhibitions and public lectures to take place at the ZiF in the next four months. The ZiF-Mitteilungen also inform about the structure of ZiF's Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Council as well as about publications resulting from research at the ZiF.

Each issue features an outstanding scientific contribution emanating from a Research Group or Workshop. The ZiF-Interview introduces individual scholars giving them the opportunity to present their work.

The ZiF-Mitteilungen appear on 1 March and 1 September. Circulation figures, which have constantly been rising, number 2,500 at the moment.

Archive of the ZiF-Mitteilungen

Archive of scientific essays