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  • Resources and Support

    On this page you will find various options for simplifying your everyday study life and enhancing your philosophy studies. The Department of Philosophy tries to provide you with a wide range of offers, from counselling and support services, to stays abroad and the arrangement of internships, to application opportunities for assistantships.  

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Resources and Support

Tool for Study

Tools for study

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In the study guide of the Department of Philosophy you will find all important information about your studies. Further information can also be found on the course start resource page, where you will find various handouts (e.g. on philosophical reading and writing philosophical texts), as well as on Formalities such as citations and bibliographies.


Handwerk Philosophie

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The project Handwerk Philosophie is an initiative to promote the basic philosophical skills of text comprehension, philosophical writing and research. For this purpose, we provide you with various tips on philosophical reading and writing as well as research.

Information for First-Year Students

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The page on study entry with your studies provides you with an overview of all the information pages and contact points that you should know if you are interested in studying philosophy at Bielefeld University or want to get off to a good start in your philosophy studies.

Assistant Staff Positions

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If you would like to get involved in the department, gain teaching experience as a tutor, learn about the inner workings of a university and earn money alongside your studies, you can apply for one of many different assistant positions.

Satellite Seminar

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Within the framework of the satellite seminar, you can dedicate yourself to an independently chosen philosophical topic in self-organised (digital) study groups and earn credit points for this. The format is aimed at all philosophy students (BA, MA & MEd).

Course Evaluation

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Good teaching is important at the Department of Philosophy. One means of assessing the quality of teaching is through teaching evaluations, which are used regularly. The procedure is described in detail here.

Vocational Orientation and Internships

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What can you do with a completed philosophy degree? How can you orient yourself for the time afterwards while you are still studying? You can find answers to these questions here.

Stays Abroad

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As part of your studies, you have the opportunity to spend time abroad at various universities. Our many partnerships enable you to enrich your philosophy studies in Bielefeld. If you are interested in such a unique opportunity, you can get more information here.

Student Counselling Service and Office of the Dean of Studies

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The Student Counselling Service and the Office of the Dean of Studies are the first points of contact for most study-related concerns. We are happy to help with questions about timetabling, the course of studies, overlaps, disadvantage compensation and more!

Departmental Student Representative Committee

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The Departmental Student Representative Committee is your representative in the department. On our pages you will find information for the first semester (first day, first semester trip) and general advice. You can also keep up to date with our events.


Support and Promotion

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Here you will find contact points and help offers in connection with childcare, caring for relatives, psychological counselling, physical impairment, financial issues and more, from both the University and the City of Bielefeld.

Boundary Violation

It is of particular concern to the department that all students feel comfortable and safe. If you have been a victim or witness to a boundary violation, please do not hesitate to report it immediately. Information and contact options are available on the following pages:

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