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  • Department of Philosophy

    The Department of Philosophy understands itself as a lively place for committed philosophical research and intensive philosophical teaching.

    Robert Fludd (1619)

The Philosophy Department of Bielefeld University warmly welcomes all first-year students to this new semester! We hope that you will settle in well with us and enjoy doing philosophy! If you have any questions, uncertainties or difficulties, you can find helpful information about the beginning of your studies here.

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Publication Ticker

Recent publications by members of the department (selection):

​You can find a complete list of publications by department members here.


For prospective and first-year students

Orientation or starting your studies can sometimes be chaotic, confusing and stressful. That's why we have put together a small collection to help all prospective and first-year students. For Further information, please follow the links below:


All you can think

Under the motto "All you can think" we have gathered together all events that are somehow related to the study of philosophy in Bielefeld, but are not directly courses. These include events that make it easier to start studying, but also those that provide information about other aspects of the degree programme, such as stays abroad. In short, everything else that is important during your studies. You are cordially invited to everything!

If we have aroused your interest, you can find more detailed information about the events via this link.



Normative Urteile - die Summe guter Gründe?

Dem Kind zu Weihnachten eine Smartwatch schenken – ja oder nein? Vor ähnlichen Fragen standen in der Vorweihnachtszeit viele Menschen. Denn jede*r tut es, fast jeden Tag, nicht nur beim Geschenkekauf: Wer eine Entscheidung trifft, wägt Pros und Kontras ab, Gründe dafür, etwas zu tun, und Gründe dagegen. Der Philosoph Professor Dr. Benjamin Kiesewetter widmet sich an der Universität Bielefeld diesem Prozess mit dem ERC-Forschungsprojekt „REASONS F1RST – The Structure of Normativity“ (sinngemäß: Gründe zuerst – Die Struktur der Normativität).

You can read the full article here.


Please find further information under the following links:

Please find further information under the following link:

  • Philosophy of Psychiatry (28.-29.5.2024)
  • Publikationsworkshop: Philosophie zwischen Wissenschaft und Feuilleton: Das Denkstück in der Zeitung (4.-6.7.2024)
  • Linguistic Intervention (12.-13.7.2024)
  • Normative Reasons, Explanation and Grounding (24.-25.20.2024)
  • Rights and Reasons (16.-17.01.2025)


You can find further information about the events here.

Idea and Goal

The conferences are offered by the Department of Philosophy in cooperation with the Center for Practical Teacher Education Bielefeld. Their aim is to provide further education for philosophy teachers and teacher trainees in philosophy. Additionally, the events target the general public interested in philosophy. They take place once a year on a Saturday. In the morning, expert lectures on a philosophical topic relevant to school teaching are held, followed by practical workshops in the afternoon.

If we have piqued your interest, you can find more detailed information about the events via this link.

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