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    Welcome to the website of the Department of Philosophy at Bielefeld University. The Department of Philosophy understands itself as a lively place for committed philosophical research and intensive philosophical teaching.

    Robert Fludd (1619)

Community - also during difficult times

A university is usually a buzzing place where people meet everywhere, get into a conversation, and make contacts. Things are different at the moment. But we don't have to do without the community! Feel free to use the digital resources available to you to socialize and exchange ideas.

Under the current circumstances, you can still reach the student council as usual. Either via e-mail or, brand new, also via our discord server. Here you have the opportunity to network with your fellow students and to be up-to-date when there is news from us.


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21.04.2021 faculty colloquium

The faculty colloquium on 21.04.2021 (18:15-19:45) will be given by Sally Haslanger from MIT. Her talk is titled "Sex, Race, and Power: How to Stop Reproducing Social Hierarchy."

More information, as well as the abstract for the talk, can be found below under Upcoming Events.

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Call for applications

5 Doctoral Candidates in Ethics of Science and/or Philosophy of Science

The Research Training Group GRK 2073 “Integrating Ethics and Epistemology of Scientific Research”, a cooperation of Bielefeld University and Leibniz University Hanover, invites applications for positions for

5 Doctoral Candidates (all genders) (salary scale E13 TV-L, 65%)

to start on 1 October 2021. The positions are limited to 30 September 2024. At least two of the positions are expected to be located at Leibniz University Hannover and at least two at Bielefeld University.

Application deadline: 6 May 2021.

For further information and the application guide, please see https://grk2073.org/apply/. Please direct any questions to Ms. Leonie Wiemeyer (leonie.wiemeyer@philos.uni-hannover.de).

Upcoming Events

25.05.2021 Film Screening of "In Silico"

“A fascinating window into the trouble grandiose research projects and grandiose personalities can generate.” Nature



The philosophy department and the faculty of psychology will host a virtual film screening on 25.05.2021 (18:15-20:45). The movie In Silico is about neuroscientist Henry Markram and his 10-year quest to simulate the human brain on a supercomputer. Afterwards there's a panel discussion and Q&A with director Noah Hutton. For more information and registration click here.


26.03 -20.04 ALL YOU CAN THINK - Was im Studium (auch noch) wichtig ist

Auch das Sommersemester 21 wird aufgrund der anhaltenden Corona-Krise überwiegend ein Online-Semester werden. Vieles in der Online-Lehre funktioniert gut, das wissen wir aus den letzten Semestern. Aber einiges bleibt gegenüber der Präsenzuniversität auch auf der Strecke, z. B. der ungezwungene Austausch mit Kommiliton:innen. Um das ein bisschen aufzufangen und auszugleichen, versammeln wir hier alle Veranstaltungen, die irgendwie mit dem Philosophiestudium in Bielefeld zu tun haben, aber nicht direkt Lehrveranstaltungen sind. Darunter sind Veranstaltungen, die den Studieneinstieg erleichtern, aber auch solche, die über andere Aspekte des Studiums informieren, wie etwa Auslandsaufenthalte. Eben alles, was im Studium auch noch wichtig ist. Sie sind zu allem herzlich eingeladen!

Hier finden Sie einen Überblick über die Veranstaltungen.

Donnerstag, 15.4.: Philosophie und Literatur

Auftaktveranstaltung der 14-tägigen Veranstaltungsreihe

„Philosophie und Literatur“ ist der Name einer 14-tägigen Veranstaltungsreihe der Abteilung Philosophie, deren Eröffnung am 15.4. stattfindet.

Lehrende der Abteilung beleuchten in dieser Reihe das Verhältnis von Literatur und Philosophie anhand individuell ausgewählter Beispiele.

Es gibt immer einen Part mit einer Lesung, die Überlegungen der Vortragenden und darüber hinaus viel Gelegenheit für die Teilnehmenden, sich untereinander und auszutauschen.

Studierende und Lehrende finden die Zugangsdaten im Lernraum Plus der Veranstaltung.

Andere Interessierte melden sich bitte bei Frau Bülter an: gbuelter@philosophie.uni-bielefeld.de

Zielgruppe: Diese Veranstaltung richtet sich an alle Philosophiestudierenden und -lehrenden.

Wednesday, 21.04.2021 (18:00-20:00) Faculty Opening Colloquium

Sally Haslanger: Sex, Race, and Power: How to Stop Reproducing Social Hierarchy

Racism, sexism, and other forms of systemic injustice are more than just bad attitudes.  In a stratified society, there are mechanisms – including law, policy, culture, technology, and the built environment – that stably position groups hierarchically. But attitudes play a role. How central is that role?  In this lecture Haslanger argues that social practices are patterns of interaction guided by social meanings that distribute things of value. In the case of sexist and racist practices, the network of meanings is ideological and is internalized in habits of mind that distort, obscure, and occlude important facts and result in a failure to recognize the interests of women and racialized groups (among others). How do we disrupt such practices to achieve greater justice? This talk will argue that resistance to systemic injustice requires us to do more than just challenge false beliefs; social movements change the material and cultural conditions of agency.

Students and members of the department will receive the login information via mail. Externals please contact: diana.roethlinger@uni-bielefeld.de

Guest Lecture 2021

  • Jun, 2nd. 2021 Bettina Bussmann (Salzburg)
  • Jun, 16th. 2021 Michael Della Rocca (Yale)
  • Jul, 7th 2021 Maria Kronfeldner (CEU)

All lectures will take place online via zoom (6-8 pm)

Students and members of the department will receive the login information via mail. Externals please contact: diana.roethlinger@uni-bielefeld.de

Gastvorträge im Sommersemester 2021

Here you can find the abstracts.

Students and members of the department will receive the login information via mail. Externals please contact: Diana Röthlinger