Our mission is to understand the neurophysiological and computational principles underlying conscious perception and decision making. Our research combines behavioural studies with neuroimaging (EEG) and advanced computational modeling.

We particularly focus on hearing and multisensory perception (see research). In everyday life, we rely on the proper interplay of our different senses to perceive the world. For example, we can selectively combine or segregate the evidence provided by each sense to guide our actions, e.g. when using lip movements to 'hear better' in a noisy environment. The interplay between our senses is critical, and deficits in multisensory integration relate to cognitive disorders or sensory-motor challenges during ageing.

Volunteers welcome!
We are looking for participants for our studies on perception, navigation and decision making. Please register on our portal to browse the list of ongoing studies. https://bielefeld-cogneuro.sona-systems.com/