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Information about doctoral studies at the Faculty of Biology.

Prof. Dr. Armin Hallmann
Chairman Doctorate Commettee

Sprechen Sie direkt unseren Promotionsausschuss an, um eine individuelle Beratung zu erhalten.

The Faculty of Biology offers a variety of options to achieve a doctoral degree as an entrance in to a scientific career.

Research Fields

In principle, Ph.D. projects are available anytime in all research fields. For further information, please contact the respective group leaders or check the respective web pages.

Advisory Service

Information about the doctoral programs

Dr. Nils Hasenbein
Academic Student Counselling Service

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    The PhD program in biology prepares for a PhD in natural sciences or didactics of natural sciences. A structured curriculum accompanies the PhD. In this way, PhD students are supported to work autonomously on research questions, develop and implement solutions and present their data precisely.

    Further informations at the central courses on offer.

  • Industrial Biotechnology

    Pursuing research projects in Industrial Biotechnology, PhD students may enrol in the PhD program Industrial Biotechnology. After the completion of the CLIB graduate cluster we are looking forward to continue research through successful PhD thesis projects.

    Further informations at the central courses on offer.

Information for PhD-Students

Regulations at the Faculty

Information about terms and regulations at the Faculty of Biology are available in German (choose language above)

You can also directly contact Prof. Dr. Armin Hallmann the chairman of the doctorate commettee.


Regulations at the University

General Doctoral Regulations at the University of Bielefeld (German Version; 15.06.2010)
Valid for all approvals after 01.06.2012

The English version above merely serves as a guideline. Legally binding is the german text of the 'Rahmenpromotionsordnung'. The German version shall in any event prevail.

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