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Transition from the combined bachelor's degree to the Master of Education

In addition to the information on approval for the Master of Education, the following should be noted when transferring from the combined bachelor's degree to the Master of Education for timely completion of the bachelor's course:

  • Four examination offices (elementary school teaching degree and elementary school teaching degree with integrated special education) or three examination offices (other types of teaching degree) are involved in the degree preparation process.
  • All required academic achievements must have been completed in each version of degree programme variants.
  • The Bachelor's thesis must be registered and handed in on time.
  • The Bachelor's thesis has a review period of six weeks. This also applies to other module examinations.
  • Processing times for final documents in the examination offices.
  • Vacation periods during the lecture-free period.
  • It is expected that a larger number of students will want to complete the bachelor course, so that an increased demand at examination offices, Student Counselling Services, etc. can be expected.

Students are therefore advised to contact the examination offices and the first and second examiners in good time.

For BAföG recipients, the (personal) last performance (Bachelor's thesis, module examination or study achievements) should not be handed in before the beginning of August (if the Bachelor course is completed in the Summer semester) or before the beginning of February (if the Bachelor course is completed in the Winter semester) in order to be able to receive BAföG in the last two months of the Bachelor course. To be on the safe side, please consult your responsible examination office.

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