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Master's degree

The Master's thesis has a review period of six weeks. This also applies to other module examinations. In each version of degree programme variants, therefore, all required academic achievements must have been completed on time.

a) Master's thesis

  • Submission of the Master's thesis no later than: mid-January / mid-July
  • Submission of the expert reports at the latest: beginning of March / beginning of September

b) Examination requirements / credits

By adhering to the deadlines stated here, the achievement of the upcoming preparatory service can be ensured.

  • Posting of the last examination performance: approx. mid-January / mid-July.
  • Posting of the last examination performance at the latest: mid-March / mid-September.
  • Posting of the last study requirements / credits no later than: mid-March / mid-September.

Note: If examinations are taken in the last Winter semester after mid-January, it will generally not be possible to complete the preparatory service on the additional date of 1 May.

Attention. The specified deadlines refer to a recruitment date without admission restrictions. In the case of admission restrictions, earlier deadlines apply, depending on the late submission deadline stated in due course at

The application can be submitted when all academic achievements have been completed (not graded!).

4 weeks before the resubmission deadline of the respective district governments, the complete application documents must be available in the BiSEd. Until further notice, BiSEd documents will be mailed to:

Here's how:

Click on "Certificate Application Master of Education" in the Examination Management, print everything and sign it. The BiSEd gets as possible in a PDF file and labeled:

  • Certificate application for practical semester with preparatory training
  • Certificate application for German as a Second Language
  • Information about the stay abroad (even if you did not have one in the M.Ed.!)
  • Single copy of Bachelor and Abitur certificate
  • Openform (PDF) (important for date of preparatory service and current address!)

You must send the certificate applications for the subjects and educational sciences directly to the respective examination offices.

As soon as all other subjects have notified us of the subject graduation by mail, the certificate will be created and sent, including certified copies, to the address you specified in the form. Please refrain from inquiries about the status of the certificate preparation. Instead, a glance at your transcript will suffice. If you see an overall grade for the Master of Education there, your transcript documents are already in progress.

Application deadlines for the preparatory service / subsequent submission deadlines are published on the page

When applying for the preparatory service, there is usually a deadline for submission of the Master's certificate in the M.Ed. by the district governments of North Rhine-Westphalia. This deadline is set anew each year. If students have applied and still have to submit their certificate, this means that the final reports from the examination offices must be received by BiSEd no later than four weeks before the end of the submission deadline for the preparatory service.

ATTENTION! The portal (SEVON) for recruitment into the preparatory service for a teaching profession in NRW states that "applicants could be recruited "without a Master's certificate if the relevant university confirms that all required academic achievements have been successfully completed. Please inquire there whether your university participates in the procedure."

Bielefeld University does not participate in this process because if you submit your academic achievements and apply for your transcript on time, we can guarantee that you will receive your transcript in time before the respective state's deadline for submitting your transcripts.

In our case, the additional effort (including additional correspondence, compiling lists, obtaining your permission to share your data) would tend to delay the timely preparation of the certificates themselves and the timely completion of other tasks in the examination offices.

Explanations of what you should consider before applying for a certificate can be found at Campus Support.

Start date of the preparatory service on 01 May

  • Zeitlicher Ablauf des Abschluss des M. Ed. mit dem Start des Vorbereitungsdiensts zum 1.5.

Start date of the preparation service on 01 November

  • Zeitlicher Ablauf des Abschluss des M. Ed. mit dem Start des Vorbereitungsdiensts zum 1.11.
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