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Further qualification

Information on studying an extension subject (teaching profession) at Bielefeld University

If you have completed a teaching degree program or are already enrolled in at least the third semester of a teaching degree program at Bielefeld University, you can begin studying an additional subject (extension subject) for the teaching profession at Bielefeld University (see list below).

The study program is divided into a Bachelor's and Master's phase, for which a corresponding enrolment is required, and which is completed in each case with a separate certificate.


We distinguish the following cases:

A. You are studying at Bielefeld University in a Bachelor's degree program intended for the teaching profession, intend to study another subject in the same teaching profession, and have completed at least the first two semesters of your teaching degree program with the expected academic achievements;

B. You are studying at Bielefeld University in a degree programme leading to a Master of Education degree and want to study another subject in the same teaching profession;

C. You have a Master's degree that gives you approval for the preparatory service in NRW and want to study another subject in the same teaching profession;

D. You have a teaching qualification in NRW and want to study another subject in the same teaching profession.

In individual subjects there may be subject-specific approval requirements (Latin, art, music). Please follow the instructions of the subjects.

Advising interview

For each of the aforementioned cases A) to D), participation in an advising interview at the Bielefeld School of Education (BiSEd) is obligatory. In this counseling interview, your study program (if applicable, taking into account prior achievements) will be determined and a certificate will be issued entitling you to enrolment. To simplify the process, the following applies to the advising interview:

  • Send us an e-mail to with three proposed dates and tell us in the e-mail in which subject and in which teaching profession you want to study another subject.
  • Please bring to the appointment:
    • As a Bachelor student at Bielefeld University (Case A): a certificate of enrollment and a current (automatically generated) transcript.
    • As a Master's student at Bielefeld University (case B): a certificate of enrollment
    • As an external application (cases C and D): transcript of records
  • If you have already acquired academic achievements for your future subject which you would like to have recognized, please inform us in advance by e-mail, stating and providing proof (by transcript) of the achievements.

Subjects / subjects and curriculum

You can choose from subjects and subjects that are not subject to admission restrictions (NC), with the exception of Integrated Studies for Primary Education ("Sachunterricht") and Social Sciences ("Sozialwissenschaften") (introduction planned for the Winter semester 2023/24) and Protestant Theology ("evangelische Theologie"). An overview of all subjects including information on admission restrictions can be found in the study information for the teaching degree.

The study programme is based on the study programme variants of the subject study programme for the teaching profession at elementary school (if applicable with ISP), on the study programme variants of the subject (if without BA thesis) for the teaching profession at secondary schools and comprehensive schools, and comprises in the Bachelor and Master:

  • G and G/ISP: 40+15 LP
  • HRSGe and HRSGe/ISP: 60+20 LP
  • GymGe: 60+40 LP.

A practical semester with preparatory training and reflection (VPS and RPS) does not have to be completed in the extension subject. In addition, the BiWi import as part of the degree is omitted. Likewise, neither the Bachelor's nor the Master's thesis may / must be written in the extension subject.

In the course of the advising interview by the BiSEd staff (see above) prior to an enrolment, you will receive a detailed list of your study program.

A first orientation about your study program can be found on the page Scope and Contents of the Extension Studies.


If you wish to study an extension subject, students of Bielefeld University submit the application for change of programme to the Student Office. Here you enter your current enrolment as future 1st degree programme, the study of the extension subject as future 2nd degree programme. Under Degree, select E4, E5 or E6 for the BA or K4, K5 or K6 for the M. Ed. depending on the type of school. All other staff, people use the enrollment assistance of the Student Office. Please note the relevant deadlines and further information for the change of programme or enrolment. The application for change of programme or enrolment must be accompanied by the certificate from the counselling interview (see above). In addition, if you are receiving BAföG, you should contact the Studierendenwerk to find out whether you need to observe any special regulations.

You cannot complete the extension subject before the corresponding undergraduate degree. Consequently, for the completion of the bachelor course of the extension subject the degree of the corresponding bachelor of teaching is required, for the completion of the master course of the extension subject the degree of the corresponding master of education is required. After completing the degree of the extension subject, send the certificate application via your personal e-mail address to For enrolment in the Master's program of the extension subject, the degree of the bachelor course of the extension subject is required, as well as another counseling interview (see above) in the BiSEd.

Legal basis

Regulations for the study of an extension of the teaching qualification (extension subject).

Due to the introduction of the LABG 2016, there is no longer an explicit regulation for the acquisition of a further teaching degree. However, it is possible to acquire the qualification for a further teaching profession through a second master's degree for a further type of school.

To acquire a further teaching degree, you must complete a regular course of study. Of course, your previous studies can be recognized towards this. Equivalent academic achievements that you have already completed do not have to be completed again. However, you must complete a further 25-day practical phase at the school type of the further teaching degree.

It is best to start the acquisition of a further teaching degree at the end of your previous teaching degree, i.e. at the earliest after the practical semester with preparatory training. In many cases (e.g., additional qualification for HRSGe after studying GymGe), you will probably receive direct approval for the M. Ed. for the further teaching degree. The information you will find on the M. Ed. web pages under Approval for External / Further Applicants* applies. In addition, you must apply for recognition of the practical semester with preparatory training. However, if you want to change a lot, e.g. if you change from GymGe to G or if you change subjects at the same time, you might have to apply for the teaching bachelor's degree again first, or at least make up some academic achievements from the matching teaching bachelor's degree, before you get approval for the M. Ed. degree.

You see: There is no "classic" way. Therefore, in any case, get advice at an early stage if you want to acquire another teaching degree. You will also find the contact details under Approval for External / Additional Applicants.

ATTENTION: The university only awards the degree of M. Ed. in isolation for the respective school type. Since there is no official agreement on extension examinations, please inquire independently at the responsible Ministry for Schools and Education of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia whether they also recognize your qualification for the other school form after the preparatory service for one school form.

If you already have a first university degree and would like to enter the teacher training program, the teacher training program counts as your Second degree. If you already have sufficient academic achievements through your first degree so that you can apply directly to the M. Ed. program, you do not need to consider anything else, even if you should have already completed a first master's degree. You can then simply apply for the Master of Edudation. Please take into account the instructions for external / additional applicants.

However, if your academic achievements are not sufficient and you have to apply for the Bachelor first, please consider the Information for Second degree.

For more detailed help desks regarding the Formalities of a Second degree, please contact the Student Office.

If you are not granted direct admission to a Master's program and would like to have academic achievements from your first degree program recognized, please continue reading under Recognition and Placement .

With the Master's degree program " Educational Science of Special Needs Needs with the Career Perspective of Teacher for Special and Inclusive Education / Primary Schools", teachers who already have a teaching qualification for primary schools or secondary schools (Hauptschule, Realschule, Sekundarschule and Gesamtschule) acquire the additional teaching qualification for the teaching profession for special needs education. The program is designed as a full-time course of study. However, you can also study it part-time if you can reconcile this with your appointment. The master's degree has a scope of 120 LP (this corresponds to four semesters of full-time study).

Please note that, in accordance with current legislation, if you are qualified to teach at a Hauptschule, Realschule, Sekundarschule or Gesamtschule, you must have German or Mathematics as a subject, as well as one of the following subjects: English Language and Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Protestant Theology, German Language and Literature, Art, Mathematics, Music, Physics or Sports Science.

Approval requirements for the master's degree are that you already have a teaching degree in elementary school or Haupt-, Real-, Sekundar- und Gesamtschule (or comparable). You must apply via the online application portal of Bielefeld University within the application deadlines.

You do not have to complete a second preparatory service.

If you are interested in a doctorate in the context of teacher education or would like to do a doctorate in subject didactics or educational sciences, you can contact the BiSEd working area for the promotion of young researchers: https: //

If you are still unsure whether a doctorate is an option for you as a (soon-to-be) teacher training graduate, the services of the BiSEd Graduate Network offer you orientation and helpful information on doctoral studies in the context of school- and teaching-related subject didactics and educational sciences research as well as teacher education research.

The consultation takes place by appointment with Carolin Dempki in a protected setting (online via Zoom, by telephone or in presence) and is of course confidential. Depending on the counseling issue and upon request, further referrals will be made. Please make an appointment for a personal consultation by email with Carolin Dempki:

General information for doctorate/Phd studies at Bielefeld University can be found on the following page:
The colleagues of the Phd-Careeradvice are available for general questions regarding doctorate/Phd studies:

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