• Cognitive Neuroscience

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Research topics & objectives

Our mission is to understand the neurophysiological and computational principles underlying sensory perception, decision making and active behavior. Our research combines behavioural studies with neuroimaging (M/EEG), virtual reality and computational modeling.

Current work focuses on hearing and multisensory perception (see research). In everyday life, we rely on the proper interplay of our different senses to perceive the world. For example, we can selectively combine or segregate the evidence provided by each sense to guide our actions, e.g. when using lip movements to 'hear better' in a noisy environment. Our work seeks to understand when and how the brain selects and combines sensory and other information to guide behavior.

  • News!

    • Jan 2021: New preprint on the neurophysiological signatures of the Rubber Hand Illusion on biorXiv by Sciortino & Kayser.
    • Jan 2021: New paper by Kubetschek & Kayser on the rhythmic perceptual sampling of auditory scenes accepted in Scientific Reports.
    • Dec 2020: New paper by Park, Nannt & Kayser in Cortex on ventriloquism (after-)effects in younger and older participants.
    • Nov 2020: New paper by Park & Kayser in The Journal of Neuroscience on the short- and long-term ventriloquism aftereffects.
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  • Resources

    Code and stimuli used in previous research

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