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  • Wildlife Malaria Conference 2022

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5th International Conference on Malaria and related Haemosporidian Parasites of Wildlife

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 5th International Conference on Malaria and related Haemosporidian Parasites of Wildlife


It is a great opportunity to present research results, exchange ideas, and to share with each other concepts and knowledge in the field. The conference will take place in Bielefeld, Germany, March 20-23, 2022.

Haemosporidian parasites exhibit an amazing but still underexplored diversity of life histories and adaptations. With the increasing numbers of new systems studied, new tools becoming available and new researchers getting hooked, there is an amazing breadth of new science to be shared. The conference will once again promote international exchange and enhance collaborations within and beyond the fields of host-symbiont research, wildlife health and conservation.

The conference will be hosted by the Host-parasite interactions group and the Department of Animal Behaviour of Bielefeld University. The conference will have a hybrid format with a mix of live talks and posters from the main location in Bielefeld along with streaming and recorded online talks from separate presenters elsewhere.



As mostly non-Plasmodium researchers, the local organisers, are particularly thrilled to host such an event, encompassing diversity across the phylogenies of hosts, vectors, and parasites, as well as their diverse physiologies and evolutionary strategies.

By all known accounts, Bielefeld does exist! In fact, it is the heart of Eastern Westphalia, just around the corner from Hannover, Dortmund, Cologne and the Netherlands. While enjoying life in the green, we feel very Euro-central and well connected. As a crossroad of Europe, Bielefeld is a good place to bring the Wildlife Malaria community closer together.

The Local Organising Committee is delighted to host the event and looks forward to meeting you in Bielefeld in March 2022.

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