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Research Networks

A variety of interdisciplinary research institutions such as the cluster of excellence "Cognitive Interaction Technology" (CITEC) as well as the "Center for Biotechnology" (CeBiTec) are involved in both research and teaching.

Academic institutions

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Centrum für Biotechnologie CeBiTec

The Center for Biotechnology – CeBiTec – is one of the largest faculty-spanning central academic institutions at Bielefeld University. Its purpose is to bundle the biotechnological activities and research projects at the university, to foster cross-linking of research approaches and technologies from different research fields and to develop innovative projects within its two main research areas: Large Scale Genomics and Big Data Bioinformatics and Metabolic Engineering of Unicellular Systems and Bioproduction.

The availability of comprehensive technological infrastructure as being provided by CeBiTec’s Technology Platforms is crucial for a successful scientific work. Academic training of graduates is fostered by the Graduate Center offering high-level PhD programs.

Collaborative Research Centre

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"A Novel Synthesis of Individualisation across Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution: Niche Choice, Niche Conformance, Niche Construction"

The DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centre at Bielefeld University and University of Münster combines behavioural, evolutionary and theoretical biology and ecology in an etho-eco-evo approach. It aims to develop a novel synthesis of individualisation that also takes into account that the environmental conditions change throughout an animal's lifetime.

The central research goal is to redefine the niche concept on the individual level. By doing so, we want to gain a comprehensive understanding of how individual phenotypes interact with their environment and what the ensuing consequences for ecological and evolutionary processes are. We hypothesise that, across taxa, the interaction between the individualised phenotype and the environment results in individualised niches via three mechanisms of adjustment and adaptation: niche choice, niche conformance and niche construction (NC³).

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