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  • History of Concepts

    Photo: Frederik Schröer

Recent Publications

Latest Issue of the Contributions to the History of Concepts
Volume 19 (2024): Issue 1 (Mar 2024)

Kirill Postoutenko (ed.): Beyond 'Hellenes' and 'Barbarians". Asymmetrical Concepts in European Discourse (2023)
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Jani MarjanenJohan Strang und Mary Hilson (eds.): Contesting Nordicness - From Scandinavianism to the Nordic Brand (2022)
open access

Francisco A. Ortega, Rafael Enrique Acevedo Puello, Pablo Casanova Castañeda (eds.): Horizontes de la historia conceptual en Iberoamérica. Trayectorias e incursiones (2021)
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Kari Palonen: Politik als parlamentarischer Begriff - Perspektiven aus den Plenardebatten des Deutschen Bundestags (2021)
open access

Javier Fernández Sebastián: Historia conceptual en el Atlántico ibérico - Lenguajes, tiempos, revoluciones (2021)
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Silke Schwandt (ed.): Digital Methods in the Humanities - Challenges, Ideas, Perspectives (2020)
open access


European Conceptual History

Editorial Board:

Michael Freeden, University of Oxford

Diana Mishkova, Centre for Advanced Study Sofia

Javier Fernández-Sebastián, Universidad del País Vasco, Bilbao

Willibald Steinmetz, University of Bielefeld

Henrik Stenius, University of Helsinki


The transformation of social and political concepts is central to understanding the histories of societies. This series focuses on the notable values and terminology that have developed throughout European history, exploring key concepts such as parliamentarianism, democracy, civilization, and liberalism to illuminate a vocabulary that has helped to shape the modern world.

Overview of the book series

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