Every doctoral student is supervised by two university professors. The first supervisor must be a professor in the Faculty of History, Philosophy, and Theology. The second supervisor can be a professor in any other faculty or university. Her or his name must be submitted to the Dean's office or the BGHS (whichever applies) within the first three study semesters.

To organize supervision successfully and clearly define the rights and duties of doctoral student and supervisor, both the Department of History (for independent doctoral students) and the BGHS require the two parties to draw up a supervision agreement. The doctoral student must submit this signed and countersigned agreement to the Dean's office or the BGHS (whichever applies) after being informed of acceptance as a doctoral student.

For further information on the organization of a supervisory relationship, see the guidelines for the supervision of PhDs formulated by the BGHS and the faculties participating in the Graduate School. Bielefeld University’s guidelines for the good supervision of PhDs are available online here.