• Behavioral Economics

    Prof. Dr. Yves Breitmoser

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  • Backhaus, T. and Breitmoser, Y. (2019). God does not play dice, but do we? download pdf
  • Breitmoser, Y. and Schweighofer-Kodritsch, S. (2019). Obviousness around the clock. download pdf
  • Breitmoser, Y. and Vorjohann, P. (2018). Welfare-based altruism. download pdf
  • Breitmoser, Y. (2019). The axiomatic foundation of logit. download pdf
  • Breitmoser, Y. and Valasek, J. (2019). A rationale for unanimity in committees. download pdf
  • Breitmoser, Y. (2018). Discrete choice with presentation effects. download pdf