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  • Bethel Logo

    Bodelschwingh Foundation BETHEL

    The Bodelschwingh Foundation BETHEL is one of the largest care providers in Europe. BETHEL is dedicated to meeting the challenges of diversity, demographic delevopments and inclusion. They actively participate in exploring technology that assists people with special needs as well as elderly people in their daily activities and supports social communication. Participatory research in this are includes in-depth consideration of ethical questions related to and raised by primary users of CIT as well as care personnel and family members.

  • Honda Research Institute Europe Logo

    HONDA Research Institute Europe

    HONDA Research Institute Europe has a strong record of research on humanoids and cognitive robotics. Besides the automotive sector, their profile also includes socially aware interaction technology. HONDA was one of the founding partners of CoR-Lab in 2007. They bring in strong expertise in systems engineering designed to achieve high levels of technological readiness, including aspects such as trustworthiness and security.

  • Miele Logo


    MIELE is engaged in developing intelligent household appliances as well as embedding them in smart homes. Besides the engineering and the usability of such systems, MIELE has strong expertise in considering the complete product life cycle during the initial design of a product. This inlcudes long-time usage as well as maintenance, which are two critical challenges for state-of-the-art CIT.

Research Alliances

  • Logo of the it's owl technology network.

    Technology Network it's OWL

    In the technology network "Intelligent Technical Systems Ostwestfalen-Lippe" (it's OWL), companies, universities, research institutions and organizations work together on the solutions of tomorrow. The CoR-Lab and it' s OWL have been close partners since the network was founded. The partnership is characterized by a variety of joint transfer activities, such as workshops and laboratory tours. In addition, the acquisition and implementation of it's OWL cross-sectional, innovation and transfer projects is coordinated in the CoR-Lab.

  • Logo of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Institute (JAII)


    The goal of the Bielefeld-Paderborn Joint Artificial Intelligence Institute (JAII) is to lay the foundations for human-centered AI systems that act as competent partners and feature real-world problem-solving abilities in specific domains. Instead of replacing humans, such systems will complement and empower humans by supporting them interactively in decision-making processes. The Institute follows a trans- and interdisciplinary approach, focusing on the interplay between AI and applications, as well as studying ethical, legal, and social implications of AI.

  • Logo of the CoAI Joint Research Center

    CoAI JRC

    Launched in 2023, the CoAI Joint Research Center brings together researchers from the universities of Bielefeld, Bremen, and Paderborn. It unites the expertise and experience of the three universities in cognitive interaction technology (at the CITEC center in Bielefeld), cognition-enabled robotics (including the Everyday Activities Science and Engineering (EASE) Collaborative Research Center in Bremen), and socially embedded intelligent systems (including the Constructing Explainability Collaborative Research Center in Paderborn). Fusing human-informed research on AI, on meaningful interaction between humans and AI systems, and on AI capable of self-aware learning, the CoAI JRC will be a strong hub for AI featuring human-centered real-world agency in Germany.

International Research Network

DAAD Network

Since 2013, an institutional partner network has been established with outstanding universities and research institutes worldwide, including Osaka University, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Istituto Italiano de Tecnologia (IIT) Genova, Indiana University Bloomington, and Queensland University of Technology (QUT). This initiative was developed principally through the DAAD-funded Thematic Network Interactive Intelligent Systems.


Bielefeld University and CITEC are members of the Center for Advanced Communication Technologies (InterACT).

InterACT was established in 2004, initially as cooperation between Carnegie Mellon University and University of Karlsruhe, it has since expanded to include nine leading research Universities and Research and Development labs in major regional economies of the world.

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