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Central selection criteria for the funding format "Workshops": interdisciplinarity, academic quality and originality on an international level

A funding opportunity for any kind of academic event, ranging from smaller gatherings like colloquia to larger meetings like conferences that discuss topics and questions in a broader interdisciplinary framework. The format is open to academics of all disciplines, based in Germany or abroad, who have at least completed a doctorate; they can apply with their idea and, if successful, hold an event at ZiF with an interdisciplinary and (preferably) international group.

ZiF Workshops are discussion-oriented, academic events of up to 14 days. Besides an infrastructure and organisational support, ZiF provides funding of up to 15,000 € for these events.  

Formal Criteria

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For further questions please contact:

Dr. Daniela Noll-Opitz
Dr. Nadine Sutmöller

Send your application in one PDF file to:

Executive Director
Prof. Dr. Jens Stoye

Organisational or Administrative Matters

ZiF Group and Conference Support
Sabine Mende

Call for Proposals as PDF file

CFP: Workshops (PDF, in English / in German)

Applications can be submitted by scholars based in Germany or abroad; as a minimum requirement, they must have completed their doctoral studies. Proposals can be submitted by one person or a team of up to four people. For teams of more than one applicant, their disciplinary backgrounds should reflect the interdisciplinarity of the proposal.

The application has to clearly demonstrate that the proposed interdisciplinary collaboration is required by the topic at hand; the mere involvement of different disciplines does not suffice. ZiF also encourages international participation. 

Timeline: There is no fixed deadline for applications; they are accepted throughout the year. However, they have to be submitted at least 10 months prior to the proposed event. Dates need to be coordinated with ZiF Group and Conference Support ( in advance.

The application should be submitted in the language of the event (English or German).

Application Requirements

Cover Sheet - Title of the event
- Name, affiliation, and address of all applicants; clear indication of a main contact
- Intended timeframe
Summary of the Project in English Up to 1,500 char., incl. spaces, approx. 1/2 a page (for applications submitted in German, we additionally require a German summary).
Event Description (max. 17,500 char., incl. spaces, approx. 5-7 pages) - Research topic and questions
- Current state of research
- Justification for the interdisciplinary collaboration
- If applicable, please indicate planned publications expected from the event
- Discussion-oriented programme with names of speakers and topics, if already foreseeable
- List of prospective participants and their disciplines, affiliation, their specific expertise for the workshop/conference and the status of invitation/participation
- Reference list (not part of the character count)
Short CV of all Applicants, including latest publications relevant to the event Up to 2 pages per applicant, incl. publications; CV of participants are not required.
Preliminary Budget For orientation purposes; in case a grant is made, this budget will be checked and possibly adjusted by ZiF; if the event receives third-party-funding, please indicate so in the budget.

Please note that the total funding amount is up to 15,000 EUR; the exact amount granted is based on the financial needs of the proposed event (including factors such as duration and planned participants).
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