• Evolutionary Biology

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Research topics & objectives

Our research interests encompass a wide and diverse array of overlapping topics and approaches, but a unifying theme running through the department is the study of behavioural traits important in pre- and post-copulatory sexual selection.

We study the evolution of these often sex-specific traits with a combination of theoretical, experimental and meta-analytical approaches. For the empirical studies we conduct field and lab experiments, using insects, birds and flatworms as model species. Advanced statistical methods and evidence synthesis complement our research program, which strives to detect and test general concepts in behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology.


Open positions

We do not currently have any open positions, but we invite any prospective PhD or Postdoc researchers interested in working at the Department of Evolutionary Biology to get in touch with us to discuss funding opportunities.

Upcoming Seminars


Next seminar will take place on the 27th April at 16:15.

Sepand Riyahi (Bielefeld University) will talk about:

"Transcriptome analysis in male Zebra Finches in response to experimentally manipulated sperm competition risk"


Next seminar will take place on the 28th April at 12:15.

Lucy Peters (University of Edinburgh) will talk about:

"Genomic approaches to understanding the genetic architecture of antler morphology in red deer"

All interested are welcome! Get in touch for a link to the online view.

Recent publications

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