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  • Research Training Group World Politics RTG 2225

    © Jakob Braun / Unsplash

About the RTG

Research Training Group '"World Politics": The emergence of political arenas and modes of ­ observation in world society' (RTG 2225/1)

The Research Training Group (RTG) deals with the emergence of world politics as a specific type of politics. With a pronouncedly research-oriented, interdisciplinary, and international profile, it investigates the pathways that have led to the establishment of world politics as a specific form of politics not somehow resulting from the modern form of the (nation) state, but concurrent with it as well as with the principle of sovereign equality. Using a world society perspective, the RTG inquires how the emergence of world politics has been (and still is) both a corollary of and a precondition for the constitution of modern states. In two main lines of research - 'modes of organization' and 'modes of observation' - it will seek to provide high-quality research output not only within the main participating disciplines (IR/political science, sociology, history, law), but particularly also at the interstices of these disciplines. Through its research program and its institutional affiliations, the RTG seeks to promote a dialogue between the fields and approaches of International Relations, international political sociology, global history, and legal studies in relation to world society approaches.

The main goal of the qualification program is to introduce doctoral researchers as quickly and intensively as possible to the working practices of academic research. The idea is that the best research training for doctoral researchers is to pursue their project in a dense research environment with structured support and feedback from both peers and more senior scholars. In addition to a specific study program, the RTG devises a range of instruments that ensure not only optimal feedback, but also stimulate the development of profiles and visibility that enhance future career prospects. English is the working language, as one additional main goal of the RTG is to increase the international orientation particularly of doctoral researchers. Thus, the RTG fits into the overall goal of broad internationalization adopted by Bielefeld University. In terms of research, it builds on, and seeks to strengthen, the tradition of world society research in Bielefeld.

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