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Sustainable Life-Cycle of Intelligent Socio-Technical Systems

Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous in our society and a key driver of economic growth. This comes with societal and technological challenges, as the increasing proliferation of current AI in society can reduce the autonomy of humans instead of supporting it. AI might impact individual human behavior as well as societal norms and structures in yet unprecedented ways. These challenges have led to the demand for a new wave of sustainable AI; AI that is transparent, allows for human agency, and is safe, robust, and resource-saving.

Current systems that incorporate AI technology mainly target the introduction phase, where a core component is training and adaptation of AI models based on given example data. SAIL’s focus on the full life-cycle moves the current emphasis towards sustainable long-term development in real life. The joint project SAIL addresses both basic research in the field of AI, its implications from the perspective of the humanities and social sciences, and concrete applications in the field of Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Healthcare.

SAIL is an interdisciplinary and interinstitutional collaboration of Bielefeld University, Paderborn University, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, and OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, funded by the MKW NRW.


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