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Biodata Mining

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tim Wilhelm Nattkemper

+49 521 106-6059
Telephone secretary
+49 521 106-6882
UHG V10-111

The Biodata Mining Group, led by apl. Prof. Dr. Tim W. Nattkemper, aims at the development of new approaches and methods to analyze large, high-dimensional and complex data sets from Microbiology, Medicine, Pathology and Marine Biology. The main focus is on the development of new methods for large image collections from these domains. Due to technological developments in the last 10 years, digital image collections have changed in volume, dimension and context. In microbiology and marine biology, imaging is now used to collect a large number of observations that need to be mapped to quantitative or qualitative information to be analyzed with statistical methods. On the methodological level, the group is particularly interested in data-driven approaches and machine learning. The challenge in the aforementioned new data domains like time lapse bioimages, MALDI images or underwater image collections is not only the development and implementation of new and innovative algorithms but also on the development of ways how to measure the accuracy of the algorithms in a real-world environment. To this end, we work in very close collaboration with our partners from academia and industry. In addition, we keep an eye on the applicability of our methods for non-expert users. One important project is the interactive web-based marine image data base BIIGLE (

The group’s research projects are funded by public agencies like DFG, BMBF or BMWi and by industrial collaboration. The group is a member of the Faculty of Technology at Bielefeld University. It is also a member of the Center for Biotechnology (CeBiTec). To get information about our lectures, please search the electronic lecture dictionary (eKVV) of Bielefeld University by our names.

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