• Economics Seminar (Economics & Finance)

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Economics Seminar (Economics & Finance)

In the Research Seminar (Economics) talks are mainly held by outside speakers. BiGSEM students (Profile Economics/Finance) are required to attend the seminar during the semester.

Due to the current situation, we plan to hold the next talks of the Economics Seminar as online seminars via Zoom. We will send more information and the appropriate link in due time. In case you have not received the link via email please contact etace@uni-bielefeld.de.


Winter Term 2020/2021:

03.11.2020     Frédéric Koessler, Paris School of Education, Paper

"Long Information Design"

10.11.2020     Gabriel Ziegler, University of Edinburgh, Abstract

"Strategic KnightianUncertainty"         

17.11.2020    Yeon-Koo Che, Columbia University, Abstract

"Weak Monotone Comparative Statics"

24.11.2020     Ran Spiegler, School of Economics, Tel Aviv University, Paper

"Cheating with Models"

01.12.2020    Galit Ashkenazi-Golan, Tel Aviv University - Abstract -     

"Solving two-state Markov games with incomplete information on one side"

08.12.2020     Andy McKenzie, Maastricht University - Abstract -

"Menue Preferences"

15.12.2020     Stefan Kooths, IfW Kiel - Abstract -

"Präsentation der Gemeinschaftsdiagnose - Presentation of joint economic forecast"

22.12.2020     Rok Spruk, University of Ljubljana - Abstract -

"Effects of EU Membership"



12.01.2021     Drew Fudenberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Justified Communication Equilibrium"

19.01.2021     Francesco Lippi, University LUISS Rome

"The Macroeconomics of Sticky Prices with Generalized Hazard Functions"

26.01.2021     Claudia Kemfert, DIW Berlin

"Die wirtschaftlichen Chancen einer klugen Energiewende"



02.02.2021     Luba Petersen, Simon Fraser University Vancouver - Abstract -