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  • Profile Economics

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The Economics profile presupposes above-average knowledge in the subjects microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics, largely corresponding in content and scope to the first-year courses of the Master study course Quantitative Economics at Bielefeld University.

Courses and Seminars
The BiGSEM faculty members offer courses and seminars for the BiGSEM candidates. At the beginning doctoral candidates coordinate their individual course schedule with the profile coordinator. In particular, the profile coordinator investigates the fullfillment of the profile prerequisites and possibly requires its successful completion.

The Candidates attend the school's weekly Economics Seminar (Economics & Finance) where the latest results in cutting-edge research areas and up-to-date scientific approaches are presented by leading scholars of their fields. In the BiGSEM colloquium (Economics & Finance) each doctoral candidate presents their own research results once a year.

Mini Courses
Internationally renowned scientists teach on a regular basis a mini course, a sequence of six lectures or a full semester of lectures in their area of expertise at BiGSEM.

Doctoral Thesis
From the beginning on each fellow works on their doctoral thesis. Details of the supervision are recorded in a Supervision Agreement which is signed by both parties. Theses which lead to double degrees are supervised by researchers of the two degree granting universities.

Doctoral Workshop
A selected number of young researchers from all over the world present their research. The workshop is organzied by second year BiGSEM doctoral canditates.

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