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  • RNA Biology and Molecular Physiology

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Jobs and PhD Positions

Vacant PhD Postitions

More information is available here: PhD Position - Wiss20571

Applications including CV, research interest and contact information of references (single pdf) should please be sent to:
Prof. Dr. Dorothee Staiger (

The successful candidate will be working on a DFG-funded bilateral Beethoven Life project investigating the interplay between pre-mRNA splicing and mRNA 3´end formation. Towards this end, we will profile the binding landscape of selected polyadenylation and splicing factors using cutting-edge technologies like individual nucleotide resolution crosslinking and immunoprecipitation (iCLIP). Orthogonal approaches including high throughput sequencing, determination of protein interaction partners by pulldown and in situ proximity ligation assay, and CRISPR/Cas based mutagenesis will assess the functional relevance of crosstalk between the spliceosome and the polyadenylation machinery.

More information is available here: PhD Position - Beethoven Life Project - Crosstalk between Splicing and 3' End Formation

Applications including CV, research interest and contact information of references (single pdf) should please be sent to:
Prof. Dr. Dorothee Staiger (

We are currently offering a PhD position in ribonomics based on CRISPR technology.

This project aims to develop a method to isolate RNA-binding proteins bound to a specific circadian transcript by in vivo UV cross-linking of RNA-protein complexes, RNA pull-down via specific antisense oligonucleotides and identification of bound proteins by mass spectrometry. The project will identify novel RBPs regulating circadian stress-responsive transcripts and shed light on this largely unexplored layer of post-transcriptional gene regulation.

More information is available here: PhD Position - RNA Interactome Capture in Plants

Applications including CV, research interest and contact information of references (single pdf) should please be sent to:
Prof. Dr. Dorothee Staiger (

The DFG-funded project aims at analyzing ribonucleoprotein complexes involved in the regulation of miRNA biogenesis using ribonomics approaches in plants. We will exploit a CRISPR-based system to identify RNA-binding proteins directly binding to transcripts and their physiological relevance will be analyzed. To obtain further insights into the molecular mechanism of RBP action, genome-wide RBP binding sites will be identified. Overall, this will deliver new insight into molecular mechanisms underlying posttranscriptional regulation by plant RBPs and will advance our understanding of regulatory principles of eukaryotic gene expression.

More information is available here: PhD Position - Micro(RNA)managing

Applications including CV, research interest and contact information of references (single pdf) should please be sent to:
Dr. Tino Köster (

Vacant Positions

We are currently offering a PostDoc position in RNA-based regulation using state-of-the-art methods to unravel posttranscriptional networks.

  • What are we looking for?
    Motivated candidates for projects to unravel molecular mechanisms of RNA-based regulation
  • What do we offer?
    The possibility to work in an international team; state-of-the-art methods to unravel posttranscriptional networks (RNA-seq, iCLIP, RNA affinity purification); modern lab infrastructure; participation in a doctoral degree program; the possibility for scientific exchange within the University; and possibilities for research stays abroad in the labs of international collaboration partners.
  • What do you bring in?
    PhD in biochemistry, genetics or similar research areas; expertise in RNA biology and protein biochemistry; basic knowledge in bioinformatics; willingness to apply for third party funding; creativity and teamwork abilities.

The position is limited to three years initially. Applications from suitably qualified handicapped persons are explicitly encouraged. The University welcomes applications from women.

Applications including CV, research interest and contact information of references (single pdf) should please be sent to

For informal enquiries please contact Prof. Dr. Dorothee Staiger

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Opening for a Research associate

Join our dedicated team and drive innovation in RNA biology

Our group at Bielefeld University, Germany, is delving into the intricacies of posttranscriptional networks, governed by ribonucleoproteins, miRNAs and long noncoding RNAs.

With state-of-the-art Ribonomics techniques developed in our group such as Plant iCLIP2, RIP-seq or RNA affinity purification we're deciphering molecular mechanisms of RNA-based regulation.

Through a bilateral German-French collaboration funded by DFG and ANR, we address

  • Roles of long noncoding RNAs and RNA-binding proteins in thermoresilience
  • Interplays between RNA recognition through sequence motifs and structure
  • Impact of RNA-binding proteins on splicing of their in vivo target transcripts
  • Biotechnological applications to manipulate splicing patterns in crop plants
  • Bioinformatics of iCLIP data
  • Functions of RNA-binding proteins in translational regulation and stress granule formation

Your profile

We are looking for highly motivated and talented candidates with a very good PhD degree in genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology or plant science. The ideal candidate should have advanced knowledge on molecular biology, biochemstry and plant physiology.

Experience in genomic techniques such as RNA-seq and RNA-protein interactions would be advantageous. Candidates should have a good publication record, some experience in teaching and guidance of students and are expected to be highly organized and capable of working independently and within the team. We are looking for candidates excited about science!

What the position offers you

We offer a full position after the E13 TV-L until 31.08.2026 initially. Our group is well funded and located at the University of Bielefeld which offers opportunities for internal and external training and education opportunities, and funds to support projects of early career researchers.

We offer an excellent working atmosphere and support the Dual-Career Program for partners.


How to apply

Informal enquires are welcome to Prof. Dr. Dorothee Staiger,

Interested? Please submit a letter of motivation describing your research interest, a CV and the names and contact information for 2 references in a single pdf via the online portal:


or via e-mail to

Closing date 08.02.2024

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