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07.-10.03.2022: Workshop on Evolution of Chemodiversity

Meeting of FOR 3000 in Leipzig

Members of Research Unit 3000 and guests at balcony of iDiv in Leipzig


Our second Research Unit Meeting in Leipzig was held at the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv). In the workshop we focused on different perspectives from evolutionary biology, ecology, genomics and chemistry to discuss the evolutionary emergence and maintenance of chemical diversity in plants.

We had exciting and insightful talks by our invited guest speakers Omer Nevo (idiv), Susan Whitehead (Virginia Tech), Dietrich Ober (Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel), Mike Speed (University of Liverpool), Pengjuan Zu (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich).

04. and 05.10.2021: MetaboLights Workshop with Steffen Neumann and EMBL-EBI Team

Workshop for FOR 3000 and associated groups

workshop zoom slide with participants and title
© Steffen Neumann

Steffen Neumann from IPB Halle gave us a great introduction into MetaboLights and ChEBI. We also got first hand insights from Claire O'Donovan and Thomas Payne of the Metabolomics team at EMBL-EBI.

Make your data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) and open!

03.09.2021 Workshop with Sabine Blackmore on "Gender and the Academic Career"

Workshop for PhD´s and Postdocs of RU Chemodiversity

workshop title presentation slide
© Sabine Blackmore

The online workshop with Sabine Blackmore dealt with challenges, ways and chances of an Academic Career and the implicit gender stereotypes and biases in academia. After insightful discussions there was also time to reflect on the FOR 3000, own biases and how to raise awareness and improve.

04.08-06.08.2021 Workshop "Plant Chemodiversity"

Meeting of FOR 3000 Research Unit in Marburg

people of research unit at Marburg standing on a meadow

For the first time (almost) all members of the Chemodiversity Research Unit met in Marburg. The goal of this workshop was to discuss and develop a general framework of chemodiversity.

We had inspiring talks by invited guest speakers Renee Borges (Indian Institute of Science) and Tobias Köllner (Max-Planck-Insitute for Chemical Ecology).


02.-03.08.2021 Young Investigator Module

Scientific Illustration Workshop with Johannes Richers

workshop presentation slide
© Jo Richers

The scientific illustration workshop with Jo Richers provided the Young Investigators of FOR 3000 with a hands on experience of how to improve the ability to analyze and create useful illustrations.

22.09.2020 Second Online Meeting

picture of zoom session with RU members

We had our second meeting of the Research Unit via zoom. It was exciting to exchange the latest updates on the projects, discuss method issues and brainstorm on the numerous options that are out there to measure volatiles.

Solanum dulcamara plants at the experimental station

Solanum dulcamara plants at the experimental station

The Solanum dulcamara plants at the experimental station in Bad Lauchstädt are already visited by pollinators and flea beetles. We are looking forward to see what the team around Nicole van Dam and Redouan Adam Anaia will find out about the ecological consequences of chemodiversity in this fascinating plant species.

08.-09.06.2020 Online Kick-off Meeting

picture of zoom session with RU members

Our kick-off meeting gave all team members the opportunity to get to know each other and their projects. Furthermore, we discussed experiments and directions of the Research Unit.

27.05.2020 Common garden in Bielefeld is set up

setup of common garden experiment at University of Bielefeld

We are excited that after days of hard work our common garden experiment in Bielefeld is set up. We’re looking forward to learn more about the ecological consequences of chemodiversity in Tanacetum vulgare on aphids, florivores and pollinators.

02.04.2020 We are now on Twitter

tansy plants in a tray in the climate chamber

You can now find us on Twitter under @chemodiversity

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