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  • Refugee Law Clinic Bielefeld

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About the Project

The Refugee Law Clinic at Bielefeld University is a pro bono legal service by students from the faculty of law in the field of asylum, migration and refugee law. We stride to provide legal advice through voluntarily support for foreign individuals living in Germany. Together with several other institutions in our city, our goal is to shape an openminded and humane Bielefeld.

The students of Bielefeld University gain knowledge in the areas of asylum, migration and refugee law through a comprehensive education program. Prof. Dr. Angelika Siehr, LL.M. agrees to take the supervision over our project through her support of this initiative and stands to ensure the connection to the university.

Together with Prof. Dr. Siehr and colleagues of The Public Law Office, the project receives recommendations and guidance from specialized attorneys at law. This group will assist the students with consultations and ensure the quality of the legal service. It is important to note that the concept of the Refugee Law Clinic is not a replacement of professional legal service, but rather guide foreign individuals to positive steps forward.

The approach of this project is to expand the students’ knowledge and to provide them with important practical experience for a career as an attorney at law. Additionally, it will give the students a glimpse of everyday law cases in asylum, migration and refugee law.

The founder and administration team

Isabell Fiorito, Louisa Bünemann, Florian Wetzlaugk, Judith Fleer, Ergin Asal


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