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Defense - Elise Kremer

We congratulate our BiGSEM/EDEEM fellow Elise Kremer! She successfully defended her Thesis on "Financial innovations and macroeconomic stability: an assessment of contingent convertible bonds", December 16th 2022.
She will be awarded a joint degree with Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Bielefeld University.

Third BiGSEM hiking tour

At the beginning of the winter term, BiGSEM members went for a third hiking tour to discover the Teutoburger Forest enjoying the getogether and the beautiful colours of the fall season.  At "Peter auf'm Berge" the tour ended and the group had typical food of the region.

Next hiking tour is planned for April 27 at 4pm!

Defense - Melina Schleef

We congratulate our BiGSEM fellow Melina Schleef. She successfully defended her Thesis on "Digital Transformation of Markets and Companies: Selected Topics in Innovation Management", September 23rd 2022.

Defense - Jasper Hepp

We congratulate our BiGSEM fellow Jasper Hepp. He successfully defended his Thesis on "Industry Dynamics during Times of Disruption: Essays on Technological Regimes and a Pandemic from a Complex System Perspective", September 19th 2022.

Second BiGSEM hiking tour

Ulrike Haake

At the end of this summer term BiGSEM members again went hiking in the Teutoburger Forest. The group this time did a loop road starting at the Sparrenburg and had a nice break in a restaurant before going back. SAVE THE DATE! Next hiking tour planned for October 21. Everybody is warmly welcome!

Bielefeld Young Researchers Fund (BYRF)

To help the promotion of young scientists, the next round of the Bielefeld Young Researchers Fund (BYRF) will take place in the fall. The deadline for applications is October 1st, 2022.

The measures of the BYRF address students, who are interested in doing a doctorate, doctoral students, and postdocs at Bielefeld University.

The Career Bridge Doctorate - Postdoc can also be used by faculties and institutions for the recruitment of outstanding, external postdocs. Young researchers, who either have a position in prospect at Bielefeld University or who wish to submit a proposal for a third-party funded project that will be based at Bielefeld University, can also apply for a Career Bridge Doctorate - Postdoc.

In order to apply, faculties do not need to list or collect applications; instead, applicants themselves submit the applications by e-mail to

However, all applications must include a signature by the supervisor and a representative of the faculty/institution head and must be forwarded by them via e-mail to by October 1st 2022 as a confirmation of their support for the application.


Oral defense - Dirk Kohlweyer

We congratulate our BiGSEM fellow Dirk Kohlweyer. He successfully defended his Thesis on "Learning and Policy Design in Dynamic Economic Enviorenments - A Computational Approach", May 25th 2022.



BiGSEM walking tour

This summer term we organized a walking tour in the Teutoburger Forest. Our group of 11 people started on a Friday afternoon next to the ZiF for
a 2 1/2 hours walking tour. First we walked to the Hünenburg 312,5 a.s.l next to the telecommunication tower. After a short break we went to the
Johannisberg where we had a nice dinner at the Mercure Hotel Bielefeld. 



Open Science Magazine

The Leibniz Information Centre for Economics now offers every month an Open Science Magazine.
It invites you to discover science in the digital age.

BGTS Mobility Grants

In cooperation with the Faculties of Business Administration and Economics, Mathematics and Physics and the Center for Mathematical Economics, the BGTS offers mobility grants to outstanding doctoral candidates, who are planning a short-time stay at another research institution. The aim of the grants is to further the candidates' doctoral projects and to build lasting contacts to international scientific collaboration partners.

More information can be found here.


Funding for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie training network associated with BiGSEM!

With about 4 million Euros the European Commission is funding the innovative training network "Economic Policy in Complex Environments (EPOC)" for the next four years. It is coordinated by Bielefeld University, partner universities are Universiteit van Amsterdam, Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona, Kobenhavns Universitet, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia.

15 doctoral fellows will participate in an innovative study programme, doing research at the two European universities and at the end obtain a double degree. Seven will study at Bielefeld University and become members of BiGSEM.

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