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  • BiGSEM Colloquium (Economics & Finance)


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BiGSEM-CUDE Colloquium (Economics & Finance)

BiGSEM/CUDE candidates (Profile Economics/Finance) are required to attend the BiGSEM-CUDE Colloquium (Economics/Finance) during the semester. Every doctoral candidate presents their own work or discusses relevant papers at least once a year. All interested people are invited to join. The sessions takes place each Tuesday at 12 pm in room H9.

Overview lecture:

30.04.2024 Lars Müller

Welfare Effects of Unilateral Information Disclosure

07.05.2024 Fabian Fuchs

A comparison principle based on couplings of partial integro-differential operators


21.05.2024 Osei Prince

Fat Tails in Finace Under Model Uncertainty

28.05.2024 Asimamaw Belete

The Effect of Social Networks on Geography of Job Searching


11.06.2024 Luoyan Gan

Optimal Expansion Investment under Financial Constraint

18.06.2024 Bingbing Li

25.06.2024 Tianyu Ma

02.07.2024 Anna Jacobs

09.07.2024 Aaron Lohmann


24.10.2023 Anna Hager

Ignoring Valid Information

31.10.2023 Fynn Louis Närmann

Sequential Price Discrimination in Selling Information Goods

07.11.2023 Jurek Preker

Strategic News Selection, Ignoring Valid Information, and the Consequences for Welfare

14.11.2023 Miquel Bassart i Lore in room X-E0-001

Green innovation policies in complex landscapes: An Agent-Based approach

21.11.2023 Zhongli Wang

Heterogeneity and Market Share Dynamics: Insights from the Software Industry

28.11.2023 Daniele Ravasi

A dynamic growth model with education choice

05.12.2023 BiGSEM WS

19.12.2023 Alessandro Sgarabottolo

Risk measures based on weak optimal transport

09.01.2024 Xiaoge Dong

Willful Ignorance in Legal Contexts: A Mechanism Design Approach

16.01.2024 Mariya Afonina

The Impact of Minimum Wage on Inequality Within Germany's Regions

23.01.2024 Maria Schäfer

Unlocking Opportunities: Examining Regional Disparities in Social Capital and their Impact on Shaping Educational Choices in Germany

30.01.2024 Fiona Borsetzky

"The Environmental Implications of Socioeconomic Disparity: An Agent-Based Model Featuring Endogenous Climate Policy"


02.05.2023 Hanna Adam, Universität Bayreuth
Title: "Closing the Gap: Explaining CrossCountry Variation in Asymmetric Trade Costs”

09.05.2023 Lucas Stahl
Title: "R&D Investment and Durability of Output: Financial Constraints and the Effects of Uncertainty"

16.05.2023 Alessandro Sgarabottolo
Title: "Risk based pricing with continuous trading"

23.05.2023 Mariya Afonina
Title: "How have you found your job? Effects of the job search methods on starting wages in Germany"

30.05.2023 Xiaoge Dong
Title: Willful Ignorance — Information Avoidance in Legal Context

06.06.2023 Maria Schäfer
Title: The Myth of Meritocracy: Unveiling the Hidden Power of Parental Social Capital on Children’s University Enrollment and Degrees in Germany

13.06.2023 Fabian Fuchs

Title: A Comparison Theorem for Viscosity Solutions to Abstract HJB-Type Equations

27.06.2023 Andreas Pietryga
Title: Safety investment and market introduction of automated vehicles: An analysis of endogenous training effects

04.07.2023 Vasundhara Thakur
Title: Shocks, exchange rate, and international trade

11.07.2023 Aaron Lohmann
Title: Geography of Software Production


08.11.2022 Debmallya Chanda

Central Bank Digital Currency and Banks with Market Power: A DSGE approach

15.11.2022 Fynn Louis Närmann

How an ambiguous distribution of receiver beliefs reduces disinformation

22.11.2022 Anna Jacobs

Who is to suffer? Quantifying the impact of sanctions on German firms


06.12.2022 Felix Dammann

A Stochastic Nonzero-Game of Controlling the Debt-to-GDP ratio

13.12.2022 BiGSEM Workshop

20.12.2022 Gerrit Bauch

The Texas Shoot-Out Under Knightian Uncertainty


17.01.2023 Rosa van den Ende

Network-based allocation of liability of GHG emissions


31.01.2023 Jurek Preker

Strategic News Selection on Social Media


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