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  • BiGSEM Colloquium (Management)

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BiGSEM Colloquium (Management)

BiGSEM students (Profile Management) are required to attend the BiGSEM Colloquium (Management) during the semester. Every doctoral student presents his/her own work or discusses relevant papers at least once a year. Interested people are invited to join. The sessions start at 2pm in room U3-140.

We will provide you with the titles and further information prior to the presentations.

26.04.2023 (2-4 pm): BiGSEM Colloquium, U3-140

Speaker: Tba

31.05.2023 (2-4 pm): BiGSEM Colloquium, U3-140

Speaker: Tba

21.06.2023 (2-4 pm): BiGSEM Colloquium, U3-140

Speaker: Tba

12.07.2023 (2-4 pm): BiGSEM Colloquium, U3-140

Speaker: Tba

19th of October 2022

Speaker: Henning Witteborg
Title: Co-Design-Study of a Mobile Application for Cochlear Implantation Rehabilitation
Patients who undergo a cochlear Implantation face the need of an intensive aftercare to support their speech and hearing therapy. In order to support this process of training and improving the use of the implant, our group of researchers and practitioners are about to test an algorithm-based application that is supposed to offer patient-specific exercise program on a mobile device. For a first test with a small group of patients, we would like to add co-design-aspects to the development process. To make this process successful, we would like to discuss questions like the following:
•       How close can patients can be included in the development process?
•       Are joint workshops with all test patients better than individual sessions?
•       How many iterations of feedbacks and adaptions are reasonable?
•       What are the requirements that patients can really feel like stakeholders in the process?

30th of November 2022

Speaker: Tba
Title: Tba

11th of Januray 2023

Speaker: Tba
Title: Tba

15th of February 2023

Speaker: Tba
Title: Tba


20th of April 2022

Speaker: Felix Hagemann
Title: "Stochastic Shift Scheduling"

18th of May 2022

Speaker: Mohsen Nafar
Title: "Novel heuristics for compiling approximate decision diagrams for combinatorial optimizing"

Spearker: Felix Hagemann
Title: "Stochastic shift scheduling"

15th of June 2022


13th of July 2022



12th of January 2022

Elias Schede:
Realtime algorithm configuration with multi-armed bandits

Jakob Schulte:
Loading Kitchens into Trailers: A Local Search Matheuristic

16th of February 2022

Anne Mareike Flaswinkel und Jan Klostermann
The Price of Popularity: Why Consumers Share More Negative Electronic Word of Mouth for Big Brands

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