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Example I - Entrepreneur talk as part of the lecture

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Melitta as a guest at the lecture

Photo: Lara Düsterhus

Many thanks to Karoline Heidtmann, Julia Kleffmann and Phillip Hus for their time and the interesting insight into the Melitta Group!

Company representatives can bring their own topic to the lecture and discuss it with the students as part of a one-off company talk in coordination with the curriculum

Family businesses have no future as an attractive employer?!

A provocative thesis for the start of the entrepreneur talk by company representatives from the Melitta Group. But for the students attending Prof Dr Christina Hoon's "Corporate Management" lecture, it was a perfect introduction to the discussion about the importance of family businesses.

Karoline Heidtmann, Director Employer Branding & People Attraction at the Melitta Group, explained why family businesses in particular can be attractive employers and how this can be made visible to the outside world through employer branding. This starts with the Employer Value Proposition, a promise that Melitta makes to its employees as an employer, and extends to the "proof points" with which they ensure that this promise does not remain empty.

Julia Kleffmann and Phillip Hus then entered into dialogue with the students via interactive tutorials (in connection with lecture/seminar). Interested in the different perspectives of the individuals, they focussed, for example, on what is important with regard to the corporate values and culture of a potential employer. Finally, there was an opportunity to ask questions. Among other things, the students asked questions about the sustainability strategy and the extent to which you can sense that you are working for a family-run company.

At the end of the entrepreneur talk, all participants probably agreed that family-run companies can indeed be attractive employers.

Example II - Practical tutorial (in connection with lecture/seminar)

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Students as guests at Nobilia

©ï¸Fotos: nobilia-Werke J. Stickling GmbH & Co. KG

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Julia Brinkmann and Willy Banmann for this great collaboration and Michael Klein for his participation and the great interest in the final presentations!

1st place in the teaching evaluation of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

Photo: Stefan Sättele

As part of the ungraded course, students can work on practical issues from the companies and advise the companies on current challenges.

Evaluation of employer attractiveness by Bachelor's students!

This semester, the Bormann chair team teamed up with nobilia-Werke J. Stickling GmbH & Co. KG to give the students a practical problem that they could use to apply what they had learnt in the lecture.

The idea behind a practical tutorial (in connection with lecture/seminar) is the transfer between theory and practice. Not only do the students have the opportunity to come into contact with a family business from the region, but the company also has the chance to get to know each other and have students work on a problem, giving them a fresh perspective. The task was to evaluate nobilia's attractiveness as an employer by analysing the careers website and another channel from the perspective of an individual target group and to derive recommendations for action based on this.

In the first session, the students were first introduced to the topic from a scientific perspective. Annika Schaefer gave an overview of the basics and findings from research. The students were thus perfectly prepared for the next session, which took place at the company's headquarters in Verl. Dr Julia Brinkmann from the "Corporate Strategy" division and Willy Banmann, Head of HR Development, introduced the students to nobilia's (HR) strategic corporate agenda and were able to clarify questions that arose in the course of working on the assignment.

After intensive weeks of research and preparation, the final presentations of the elaboration have now taken place and the students were able to point out valuable recommendations for action.

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