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Information for pupils and materials on the OPSE

For the school-based supervision of the theory-in-practice course with reflection on aptitude (OPSE), various aids and materials are available to support the training officers and mentors in their supervision and advising of the students.

When soliciting placements and assigning pupils, schools receive a letter informing them of the aims, content and design of the practical phase at the schools. You can find the letter here.

At the end of the practical phase, a final school-based reflection meeting takes place, which corresponds to the legally required aptitude reflection. The students and a school teacher take part in the reflection discussion. A reflection sheet serves as the basis for the discussion and is part of the portfolio work. The students hand over the sheet to the school teacher in advance of the interview. You can find the reflection sheet here.

The Bielefeld handout supports the schools in accompanying the pupils during the OPSE. It provides guidance for various occasions of counseling and reflection, especially for the aptitude reflection at the end of the theory-in-practice course. The handout can be found here.


On the website of the Landesprüfungsamt für Lehrämter an Schulen (State Examination Office for Teachers at Schools), pupils can find information for all locations on the aptitude and orientation internship (at Bielefeld University: Orientierende Praxisstudien mit Eignungsreflexion).

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