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OPSE Coordination Group

In the Coordination Group, representatives of the Faculty of Educational Science (WG 3, WG 4, WG 5) and the office of the Bielefeld School of Education work together on the content-related, conceptual and organizational design of the theory-in-practice course with aptitude reflection (OPSE).

With the introduction of this practical element (LABG 2016), the coordination group developed the concept "Offers for aptitude reflection in the introductory module educational sciences ". In this context, aptitude reflection is understood as reflection on personal competence development, which extends over all practical phases of the teacher training program (cf. § 12 LABG). For the theory-in-practice course with reflection on aptitude in the first year of study, the following are possible starting points for personal aptitude for the teaching profession (cf. concept, p. 7)

  • the starting role change from the pupils' perspective to the teacher's perspective
  • the individual motives for choosing a profession
  • own expectations and presuppositions about school and teaching
  • the profession-oriented planning of the further course of studies

Other focal points of the coordination group's work relate to the content of the accompanying seminars and theory-based tasks for the practical phase. The coordination group also organizes and supports the work of the lecturers and tutors and assigns students to the accompanying seminars.

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