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Dynamic Cell Imaging

Dr. Thorsten Seidel

+49 521 106-5588
UHG W5-128


B. Sc. Maike Cossé

B. Sc. Tim Stricker


Emel Schlegel

Nadine Olearczyk

Dustin Häckel

Amira Amraja

Merve Yilmaz

Merle Paulic

Welcome to "Dynamic Cell Imaging".

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„Dynamic Cell imaging“ has been the former junior research group of Thorsten Seidel. Thorsten’s main area of expertise is quantitative  imaging of living cells applying techniques such as Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) or fluorescence recovery after photobleaching. Besides imaging, he is interested in endomembranes and vacuolar transport.

Currently, all of Thorsten‘s projects are performed by bachelor and master students:

  • Maike (Cossé), Amira (Amraja), Dustin (Häckel) and Emel (Schlegel) are interested in regulation and assembly of plant vacuolar-type ATPase;
  • Nadine (Olearczyk) investigates the formation of stress granules in plant cells;
  • Merle (Paulic) and Merve (Yilmaz) develop a map of known protein-protein interactions in Arabidopsis
  • Tim (Stricker) works on the application of microfluidics in plant cell biology in co-operation with Dr. Martina Viefhues (Physics department).

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