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  • Behaviour 2023

    14.-20. August 2023 | Bielefeld, Germany

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Sponsoring information

Do you want to support scientific exchange in the field of animal behaviour while getting attention for your business? Do you want to advertise yourself to potential customers while simultaneously enabling a diverse and inclusive environment during the Behaviour 2023?

Formerly known as the International Ethological Congress, the Behaviour 2023 is a platform for scientific exchange for behavioural researchers from all over the world. Bielefeld University hosted this congress last in 1977, and also in 2023, presentations from leading scientists in the field of animal behaviour are expected to attract around 1000 attendees. Talks will be given in Bielefeld University from August 14th to 19th. During this time, we will offer attractive advertisement space for sponsors in the spacious university’s main hall, which is offering a lively surrounding with its restaurants, cafés and stores.



Digital advertisement
  • Logo and link on the congress‘ website
  • Social media shout out on twitter and Facebook

Analog advertisement

(during the congress)
  • Presentation of advertisement material (poster, flyer, catalogues, beach flags, stand-up displays) during the congress (have to be provided by the sponsor)
Physical presence during the conference
  • Stand during the congress (14.-19.08.2023). Includes service fee and rent (shorter timespan possible)
  • 20 minute talk in the conference hall

General information about the organisational aspects of the congress

The sponsors‘ exhibition will take place in the central university’s main hall, the heart of Bielefeld University and the Behaviour 2023. This location is where the central lecture halls are, in which all congress talks will be held, as well as where the registration and information stands for the attendees will be. The university’s main hall offers appealing space to pause with its restaurants, snack bars, cafés, stores as well as the university‘s info-point, which make it a core location for congress delegates before, during and after conference talks.

Electricity and WiFi: will be provided.

Technical support for talks: will be provided.

Poster wall and tables for the exhibition: can be borrowed from the university at no cost to a certain extent. First come, first served. Once the university‘s capacities have been used up, we can assists with booking tables and poster walls from other companies. However, we do not cover these costs.

Planning stage and fire safety: The congress and the exhibition have been approved by the university. The exhibition will be checked for security on August 14.

Schedule: The conference will start on 14.08.2023 at 8:30 h. Would you like to set up your stand the day before? No problem! Just contact us. Removal of the stands is ideally carried out at 18:00 after the talks end. Talks will last each day from 9:00-18:00 with a lunchbreak from 13:00-14:00, and shorter coffee-breaks in the morning and afternoon.

Your equipment/delivery: We offer you the possibility of shipping your equipment to Bielefeld University before the congress starts. In individual cases (please approach us to discuss this in more detail) we can offer you spaces to store your equipment after the end of the congress on 19.08.2023, so you don’t have to transport it on that day. Your transport service can then pick up your equipment until 16:00 on 21.08.2023. Routes for the transport service as well as all other necessary information will be provided separately in April 2023 after booking.

Congress tickets: 2 personalized tickets will be provided for staff working at the stands. In case more than one stand is booked, a third ticket will be provided.

Food provision: Unfortunately, we don’t offer food vouchers.

Stand location: Stand locations will be assigned according to optimal usage of available space. Furthermore we will consider wishes for “stand neighbours“. Do you prefer a certain stand location or have wishes related to your stand in general? Just let us know and we will try our best to accommodate to the wishes of all sponsors.

Sponsoring agreement: Sponsoring contracts can be provided by the organisational committee of the Behaviour 2023 or via We will establish a personal sponsoring contract with you and provide you with all necessary information about the payment and the exhibition.


Any questions left? In case you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the organisation committee either by phone (+49521 106 2840) or via mail (

This conference is supported by

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