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Application for the Erasmus+ Programme: going abroad from Bielefeld

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Erasmus+ Office Hours

At the moment we are offering online office hours. Please contact us to make an appointment by mail to

All courses for the upcoming semester are also available online in the eKVV. You can find an overview of courses in English HERE.


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Student Exchange

Before the Application

Information about Erasmus+ partner Institutions

Before the application you should inform yourself about the universities of your interest. Get an impression of the study system and course offerings, and find out about particular conditions and application requirements for Erasmus+ students at the corresponding universities. A first impression of our partners can be found on this website, under the topic Partner Universities.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline for participation in the Erasmus+ programme in the following academic year (winter semester and the following summer semester) is January, 31st.

Languages of Instruction

Before you apply for participation in the Erasmus+ Program, it is important to find out about the language of instruction at the partner university and language proficiency requirements. Please be aware that at some partner universities, languages other than English or the national language, might be  be used as languages of instruction. Some partner universities require an official proof of language proficiency. Please inform yourself about the conditions of our partner universities on their corresponding websites.

The Application

How to apply

You may apply for an Erasmus+ semester at up to three partner universities and rank them according to your preferences. To do so, you must submit the following application documents to the Erasmus office at the faculty. The applications will be transfered to all coordinators of the universities at which you would like to study. This means you will have to hand in a set of your application documents for each coordinator, who is responsible for a univerity you apply for.

To apply for the Erasmus+ programme, please submit one document, containing all parts of the application, per partner university in  PDF format by sending an email to :

  1. Application form:
    • You can choose up to 3 partner universities for an Erasmus+ stay. Please make sure that the order of your choice is the same on all application forms.
  2. Motivation letter (one page in German or English):
    • In your motivation letter you justify why you choose the university you wich to attend. You will have to make references between your field of study and the course offer at the partner univerity. The goal is to show that you are informed about the partner university and its study and course focus. Please also state how studying at the host university would benefit your academic progress and personal goals.
  3. Transcript of Records (is available to print online in your personal examination management) MA students in their 1st semester hand in their BA Transcipt of Records.
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Official language certificate or credible proof that you will provide a certificate that meets the requirements of the partner university until the date of departure (if required by the partner university).

If your documents are in English or German language, no further translation is necessary.

More useful information and Erasmus+ documents can be found on the website of the International Office.

After the Application


Once the deadline for applications has expired, the coordinators will review all completed applications, determine which students are eligible for the Erasmus+ programme, and inform the candidates. After the selections have been made, all candidates must accept their placement. Coordinators then communicate their selection to the International Office and it officially nominates the candidates at the respective partner universities. This process can take several weeks. After the nomination process is finished all candidates will receive an e-mail with information from the International Office and and an inventation to an informationmeeting, that usually takes place in May. After the nomination candidates need to enroll officially as Erasmus+ students at the respective partner universities. Nominees will have to inform about deadlines and further information on the partner univerities homepage.

Learning Agreement

To facilitate the recognition process after the students have concluded their stay at the partner university, all Erasmus+ students are asked to fill out a personal Learning Agreement that lists the courses with which the student will attend at the partner university. An insruction for completion of the learning agreement can be found here.

(Teaching) Staff Exchange Programme

Most of our Erasmus+ partner agreements also provide (teaching) staff exchange opportunities. If you are planning an exchange with one of the partner universities under the Erasmus+ staff mobility programme, please contact the coordinator who is responsible for the partnership agreement with the university of your choice. A list of the coordinators with their corresponding cooperative agreements is available here. Details on duration and financing of the staff mobility programme are available for teaching staff and administrative staff on the website of the International Office.

It is also possible to realize a mobility period up to one week in order to prepare a new Erasmus+ agreement and discuss the possibilities and framework for a future cooperation. If you have partners at a university that has no Erasmus+ cooperative agreement with the Faculty of Sociology, you may solicit a grant for preparatory visits that aim to establish new partnerships, in the International Office.

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