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How to get to Bielefeld?

Welcome to Germany! One of the most well-connected countries in the world. The whole country has a vast train system that can get you anywhere. Thus, once you enter Germany, you can easily access Bielefeld from many different cities. Depending on where you come from, perhaps the best option is to take one direct flight to Germany and then a train to get to Bielefeld. You can easily book a train using the application from the German Railway “DB Navigator App” or tehir webpage via – it works for trains in Germany and also in some neighbouring countries.

Below, you can find our airport selection, with the approximate travelling time by train from the respective Airport to Bielefeld main train station “Bielefeld Hbf”. Note that even the most distant airports in this list are less than 4 hours away from Bielefeld by train.


International airports that are well-connected to Bielefeld (time travelling with train):

  • Dortmund (~1.30 hours)
  • Düsseldorf international (~2.00 hours)
  • Köln/Bonn (~2.30 hours)
  • Bremen (~2.30 hours)
  • Frankfurt (~3.00 hours)
  • Berlin (~3.30 hours)
  • Hamburg (~3.40 hours)


Additionally, you can also check these smaller and more remote airports (time travelling with train):

  • Hannover-Langenhagen (~1.40 hours)
  • Paderborn/Lippstadt (~2.20 hours)
  • Münster/Osnabrück (~2.20 hours)
  • Kassel-Calden (~3.00 hours)


How to get to University?

Public transport within the city is well developed. However, the best way to get to the University is to take the Tram line 4 (red line; direction Lohmannshof if you depart from the city centre), which stops directly at Bielefeld University campus (stop “Universität”).

Alternatively, Bielefeld has a dense grid of bus stops. There are several busses that go from several parts of the city to Bielefeld University. Just find the busstop closest to you and type it in the DB Navigator App or mobiel app (the app for public transport within Bielefeld) and it will give you the best route and departure times.


Travelling within Bielefeld

The following information for transportation within Bielefeld was provided by Bielefeld Marketing. Unfortunately, most information is only available in German unless indicated differently.

Official city map of Bielefeld

City map
Trams & busses
Night busses
Car sharing


Public charging stations
e-bike sharing
e-scooter sharing

Public transport

Timetable information
Timetable information (English)


Please contact using the subject “travel” for further assistance or questions.


Staying in Bielefeld

© Bielefeld Marketing GmbH


From small, cosy guest houses to big, modern hotels, some close to the centre and some in more quiet areas – Bielefeld has a variety of accommodations to offer. We contacted all of them and secured a contingent of rooms for a reduced rate for many of them. Please klick the link “Accommodations that offer discounts to Behaviour 2023 delegates” to get to the table listing these accommodations. In this table we also included the names and address of the accommodations, as well as their website and the deadline until which the discounts are available. Just contact the accommodation to book the room and mention the codeword “Behaviour 2023” to get the discount. Alternatively, you can book the accomodation via Bielefeld Marketing (also included in the table).

In a second list (just klick on “Accommodations without discounts”) you can find other accommodations, for which we didn’t get a discount, but which are also happy to host you during the conference. Since Bielefeld is nicely linked to surrounding cities, we also list some accommodations in Gütersloh and Herford which are just a short train ride from Bielefeld and might be a good option as well.


Where to stay?:

Accommodations that offer discounts to Behaviour 2023 delegates

Accommodations without discounts


Information for families

During the conference, we have babysitters caring for children as well as rooms for parents and their children and for breastfeeding mothers.
Please find more information here.


Please contact using the subject “accommodation” for further assistance or questions.

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