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Health of ageing populations

Remarkable improvements in life expectancy over the last two centuries in high-income countries have led to the proliferation of research on healthy aging. Most studies have found that despite increasing trends in the prevalence of chronic diseases and conditions, people under age 85 are more independent and less disabled than previous cohorts at the same ages.

In the last decade more research has been initiated to study not only how people are ageing, but also how they die. Using Nordic register data, we are studying variations in the onset of home care and long-term care use, as well as in place of death across various social groups. Our initial findings demonstrate that hospital deaths generally declined in Denmark from 1980 to 2014, except for the oldest-old individuals, diseases of the respiratory system and terminal hospitalizations lasting one to three days among the oldest-old. Findings of this project will be central to planning policies for end-of-life care.

This project also contributes methodologically to research on specific health phenotypes among the oldest-old, which may not be accurately measured through surveys. More specifically, using unique survey-register linked data available in Denmark, we investigate the following research questions: Does the inclusion of proxy-respondents lead to lower accuracy of survey responses and thus bias estimates? Did participation in longitudinal health surveys have actual effects on participants’ health behaviors? If so, were these effects gender-specific?



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