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Teaching Profile

The teaching profile of the research and teaching unit is characterised by a basic range of courses in the field of qualitative and quantitative methods as well as statistics. In addition, we also offer an unusually broad range of courses in the area of advanced methods and statistical procedures. In the quantitative area, this includes, for example, in-depth courses on questionnaire construction, sampling methods, methods and problems of online surveys, but also on statistical methods such as classic multivariate methods, latent class analysis, multilevel analysis, structural equation modelling, and the like. In the qualitative area, ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, objective hermeneutics, interaction analysis, visual analysis and ethnography are taught in depth. This is not only about teaching methodological basics, but also about the concrete application of the methods to concrete research questions and thus about teaching empirical competence.

'Empirical Practice'

In the 1-subject Bachelor's degree in Sociology, there is a new field of study "Empirical Practice" in Module 30-M10.

The aim of empirical practice is to involve students in empirical research work at an early stage of their studies. This can take the form of events (e.g. workshops) or collaboration in research projects. It is also possible that students work particularly intensively in an empirical direction in other courses, so that this can be credited in the "empirical practice".

The module consists of 120 hours in total.

More information about the module can be found in the module manual.

We have set up a mailing list for information on "Empirical Practice" via the ekvv (ekvv 300199).

Slides for the information event on "empirical practice" on April 13, 2016

>> Overview of already recorded / booked services

Current Offers for Empirical Practice:

Empirische Praxis: in Seminarform (SoSe 2017)

  • 300199 / Blank / Information zum Modul 30-M10 Vertiefung Methoden II.

Empirische Praxis: Projektarbeit

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For work area events, please refer to the ekVV.

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