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Saskia Bender - Oliver Flügel-Martinsen - Michaela Vogt (eds.)

Concealments - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Social Inclusions and Exclusions

More and more frequently, contemporary democratic societies make promises of inclusion without being able to keep them. Concealment as an analytical category makes it possible to examine ambivalences as well as the reasons for and genesis of these relations of inclusion and exclusion. This does not imply a renunciation of inclusion efforts; rather, the examination of concealment is essential for a society that, from a contingency-theoretical perspective, must fail because of its normative semantics. In an approach from Educational Science, Sociology and Political Science, the contributors explore and contour occlusion in an interdisciplinary way.


21 April 2021 - New publication by Oliver Flügel-Martinsen

Critique of the Present - Political Theory as a Critical Diagnosis of the Times Transcript Verlag.
A critically questioning political theory deals with current news in an eye-opening way. Oliver Flügel-Martinsen makes such a critical diagnosis of the times, which is particularly important in view of the global corona crisis. It deals with the relationship between truth scepticism and politics, neoliberal hegemony and its crisis, exclusion and right-wing populism, as well as the aspect of global injustice that is often suppressed in contemporary political discourses. The critical fruitfulness of this approach lies not only in the diagnosis of the present itself, but in the possibility of showing that we by no means remain trapped in this present, but can go beyond it.

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